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  1. Just picked up a brandy spankin new C9 this morning from Big R in Elizabeth CO. Best part was that it was $137 on the tag and a "today only" sale I knocked off an additional 10% 124 bucks out the door!!!! Well, not exactly. I grabbed a spare mag for the C9, a spare mag for the .45, and a "Uncle Mikes" Hip Holster for OCing. Oh, and a box of 9mm, and a Hogue grip for the 215 beans...shweet!
    So now that two Hi-points in two weeks...I think I got it bad.

    The boy and I took both HP's, my Enfield, Mauser, and Mosin Nagant to the range and had a grand ole time! The C9 will definitely get torn down tonight and get the ramps polished. That little trick definitely worked wonders on the .45. The mags need a little tweaking too.
    OH! One more thing: I made a HP convert today. Some kid (early 20's) was slinging lead with an XD and snickered at my HP's. I offered him to take them for a ride and he was a changed man after that. He just couldn't believe how well they shot for the money that they cost.
    Over all, it was a great day!
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  3. Congrats! Definitely Hooked on HiPoints
  4. Great Job Ernie! Did you tell that gun snob toad about the Forum? LOL! I love doing that when I go to the range. People ask me all the time about my 995. Then they cringe when I tell it's a Hi-Point. I let them shoot it and they change their tune quick. Good times bro!
  5. Hey good for you on all the above!

    My input on the new C9 - DON'T TEAR IT DOWN!!!! I think general consensus here, and from HP is don't do that, at least for a LONG time. I've got about 2000 rnds through both my 40 and 9 and I'm not gonna tear them down. EVER if I can help it. These guns can be taken down but are not really designed to do it like an XD or M&P is.

    Your call, but I'd think long and hard about it.
  6. Seriously? I usually tear everything down, new and old, just to get a familiarized with the firearm, and to get an idea of the internal working. I usually do teardowns before the first round is sent down range then afterwards to check for any changes and/or wearpoints. This comes from my other life as a milsurp collector (bad things happen when you find a NO-GO headspace in a mauser the hard way).
    But I do see your point. The HP lacks the usual bells & whistles that most other handguns posess, such as quick takedown pins, bolt releases, etc. I must admit, I'm not really a big fan of the rollpin used in the HP, but then it is a budget firearm. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, but, hey, I'd definitely spend the extra $10-15 for that little change in design.
    I do truly appreciate your concern and value your opinion, but I must tear her down to at least get that damn paint off the feed ramp. After that, you have my word that I won't mess with it until after the first 1000 rounds.
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    Seriously. Don't worry about tearing it down unless you're having problems. I'm at (I think) 300 flawless rounds thru my C9 and it just keeps smoothing out. The only thing I've done is swabbed the bore with a little Hoppe's, and worked some "Slide-Glide" into the rails as best I can. It is one fine shooter. On my 995, I think I'm around 700 rounds and haven't done anything to it, and it's like the old Energizer just keeps going and going.
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    hold off as long as you can before you take it apart.
  9. Hi-Points are seriously the most user friendly rifles/pistols out there for several reasons.

    They are affordable.

    They break in rather quickly


    They don't have to be cleaned after every trip to the range, unlike other pistols

    They go bang everytime you squeeze the trigger

    They work as expected right from the box

    The list goes on and on... I love my Hi-Point.
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    Now all you need is the carbine. 8)

    They are the best kept secret.
  11. The c-9 is great. Don't take it apart. All it needs is a little TLC to keep it ticking.
  12. I hug mine every time I get into the truck. Does that count as TLC?
  13. That's great you got a convert! My nephew likes my C9 also, but is not willing to change his opinions about his XD... or even add a C9 to his collection just for GP. I thought it would be perfect for him because he's tight on the buck-a-roos, but he prefers to buy ammo instead.
  14. I know that some of you told me not to, but I did. Broke the C9 down to the point of just removing the slide assy, and the barrel. What I thought was a reflection or a mote of dirt on the ramp ended up being a chunk of crud UNDER the paint. Sooo, my B&D RTX and I spent some quality time together buffing out the ramp. NOW she glides like BUTTAH! Also had to do a little tweaky tweaky on the mags, so they to are better feeding.
    Gotta say tho, knocking out that large barrel pin was somewhat of a pain, but a little PB Blaster made it more reasonable to my requests heh...
    All put together now and happily residing on my hip in OC fashion...God Bless Colorado!!!!!
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    Evil Ernie

    I don't live to far from you(I25 and Arapahoe) If you ever want to try out the 995 let me know

  16. I've had my C-9 and 380 for two years and haven't taken them apart yet. Trust me, it goes against my military training!! I haven't had a problem with either one yet either. 8)
  17. I am gonna step out of the norm here and admit that I do a basic take down on ALL new/used forearms I get before sending any ammo down range with them. Three reasons I do this...

    I want to make sure EVERYTHING is where it's supposed to be and nothing extra has been left in the gun. Be suprised at how much gunk, metal shavings and foreign objects actually get into a new gun, not even gonna mention used one's.

    Also clean out the heavy preservative oils and apply a light coat of my prefered oil, rail grease etc etc. Heavy oils tend to gum up fast when shooting sooty/dirty ammo, so starting out with a fresh lightly lubed gun is my personal choice.

    Lastly, I just want to see what's under the hood before heading out to shoot a new gun.

    For the first 400-500 rounds I took my C9 apart after each shooting session just to see for myself how dirty it would get, and how much cleaning it really required. After that I found no need to disassemble after each range trip and follow the HiPoint Owners Manual cleanig tips now.

  18. teardown of hi-point pistols

    I gotta admit I am a little bit puzzled about all the admonitions not to take apart the guns.
    The C-9 pistol is fairly easy to disassemble and reassemble and the carbine is just plain stupid easy 3 bolts and 1clip then release the bolt's hairpin clip and you are good to go! You do have to take off the bolt handle first but that's pretty evident.
    When I talked to Hi-point on the phone everyone but the TECH I talked to acted like it was something special. I have done gun-tinkering for 30 yrs. and there are a lot worse things than driving a pin out!
    Nothing better out there for the money! Best,Darr13
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    its just that you dont need to take it apart.. and lot of ppl that buy inexpensive guns dont know jack about taking care of them or tearing them down.

    if you know how, and most of us do... its no biggie. i take my JHP apart all the time for cleaning because its enjoyable.
  20. Taking the weapons apart is no biggie. Did it for 6 yrs in the Army so, meh...
    Took a couple/few pics today just to show off :D

    The Boys

    And the C9 in Open Carry mode

    C9 in an Uncle Mikes Sidekick Size 16