Cutting and Installing Foam In A custom Case For you Toys!

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    I have been getting a few request for info on the custom guitar case that I put together for my Robinson Arms XCR. So on Drillins suggestion, I will put the info here.

    I used a Fender Hardshell BASS guitar case, but this will work with any type of case. I used a BASS case because it is bigger then a std guitar case.

    1st I used mid density "automotive interior/seat" upolstery foam that I bought at an automotive interior trim/ RE-upolstery shop. I paid way too much! I bought it in 30 inch X 60 inch sheets 1 inch thick. You can buy this foam online also and you might also try HOME FURNITURE UPOLSTERY SHOPS. You can also buy it online from all kind of places, here is just one example:

    And PLEASE, DON'T use the "PULL & PLUCK" stuff! You will NOT get a really good fit for your gun and it just looks ugly!!

    Yeap that is the key! Get 1 inch thick sheets, DO NOT try and cut and crave a 2-3 inch thick piece of foam, for those of us doin this at home, you will just make a mess.

    My case has 3 (1) one inch sheets in the bottom and 2 in the lid. All i did was trace the original case inside insert onto 1 sheet of foam. I then cut it with an electric knife, you know the one you will use later this month for that turkey! Just don't tell your wife. I then used that piece of cut foam as a guide for the next 3 pieces.

    I then took just 1 of the sheets of cut foam and traced the outline of the XCR onto it with a marker. You will need to put the foam in the case and decide where best to place your weapon BUT dont just look at placement. You need to take the BALANCE of the case when loaded and closed into consideration so that it isn't heavy in one direction or the other when you are carrying it.

    So again I used the electric knife to make the big cuts and a small really sharp chefs knife for the smaller detailed cuts. A single 1 inch piece seems to be enough to form around and hold most weapons in place. I then use a spray adhesive to glue 2 of the bottom sheets into the case and to each other, leaving the top sheet that was cut to hold the gun "free float". I then did the same thing with the 2 sheets for the lid.

    You will need to make the measurements for whatever case you use as to the needed depth of the BOTTOM foam. I will tell you that a single 1 inch sheet as a base is NOT enough. When you put the gun on just 1 sheet of 1 inch foam with another sheet holding the gun in place then closed the foamed lid, the gun will "press" throught the bottom sheet and be "ON" the case. Make sure that the bottom foam is thick enough to "support" the gun and not let it "press" through it. If you look at the lid in the one picture above the MAGAZINES, you will see that they "press or print" into the foam of the lid and that is what will happen with your gun if you use only 1 sheet under it and 2 sheets to hold it. Make sure the gun is "Supported" and not "PRESSED" deep into the foam under it. You DO NOT want your gun rubbing through the foam and rubbing against the case.

    I have flat foam on the lid now, but i am thinking of changing it to the "Convolted" or the "pointy" foam. no real reason other then thats the way the "Pro's" do it.

    Here area few pictures of my setup. I hope this helps, it any of you have any questions, just ask here or PM me.




  2. Good stuff Chef Dennis, thanks for the how to!

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    Looks great. Using the electric knife sure sounds a lot easier than a razor blade.
  4. nice. I'm thinking about buying a rectangular electric guitar case to do this to.
  5. Doh!!!!!

    The electrick knife, why ddn't I think of that? :oops:

    Seriously, thanks for putting this up for us 10 thumbed individuals who want to make a custom case.
  6. Niiiice. That'll be on my to-do list as soon as I find a guitar case on sale at a yard sale.
  7. Looks great!!! I might have to do something like that????? Yeah I will lol!!!!
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    Taurus357 wrote:

    Wise move! Very wise! I am an impulse buyer. I was in a music shop and the idea of a guitar case as a gun case came to my mind. 30 minutes later i walked out with a new guitar case! Paid more then i should have. If i had thought about it, i'd have at least bought a used case for one of my always broke no cash giutar poickin buddies! :p
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    I can't help but think of that Antonio Banderas movie.

    I also Can't remember the name. :?
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    Thayldt21 wrote:

    LOL! I have heard it before many times! The movie was "Desperado"

  11. My favorite was the guitar case rocket launcher! LOL, that's awesome. I didn't even think about that until you mentioned it, but it really fits.
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    excellent idea!
  13. I had no idea how my buddy did it I droped my ar-15 and my coffin case that came with my warlock off at his autobody shop he did the rest. When it was all said'n'done I was in it $150 It turned out pretty sick I will get some pics up of it. He even managed to save the velvet. So my ar rides on a bed of velvet. It was his idea to do it and I think it turned out quite evil looking. Here is where you can get a coffin case if you would like to try it out
    here is a pic of my warlock in its case before my ar-15 stole it from him
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    I've got an old alto saxophone case I think might work. It already has a section in the bottom left that can be used as accessory/mag storage. I need to find me some foam and an electric knife it sounds like.
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    I like how he was required to kneel, in order for the thing to fire. I think he was kinda slinging the rockets forward. He couldn't keep the rocket pointed out. He would point it at the ground, turn to face his target, and then sling the rocket out of the thing, in a kneeling motion... :roll: