Cutting the ATI stock strap.

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    Has anyone cut away the strap that connects the butt of the stock to the bottom of the pistol grip? Does the butt portion flex? Looks like the structural integrity of the ATI stock is pretty solid, but wondering if removing the strap will cause the stock to crack or fail. A little flexing is no problem. Has anyone cut theirs off? Anyone done this with lots of rounds through the gun?

    FYI. The cavity in the ATI stock butt is interesting potential survival storage.
  2. Tolyn

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  3. I've been thinking about doing the same thing. The thing that bothers me the most about the ATI is that I'm no longer able to hit the mag release with my right hand without taking my hand off the grip. If you do it, let me know how it is.
  4. Huggy

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    Haven't cut the strap, but storage in the stock is possible.
  5. Ohhh, very very nice.

    You need to make some compartmets for what ever you put in there so it won't rattle. Also, do you really need a "door".... with the low recoil, could it be an open storage bay? Or even better, why not leave the back alone and cut in from the side? Hmm

    With all these rash of extream mods, we may need to make an "Extream Mod" folder. :wink:
  6. I can't exactly tell from the angle, is the knob flush with the butt or does it stick out?
  7. eieio

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    That is a very creative idea. I will probably do something like that.

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    Thought about the compartments, but never ended up deciding what would go in there. My J-22 fits, but I'm thinking more like a cleaning/range kit or maybe put together a little survival kit or something.

    Funky, the knob sticks out about 1/8 inch, but I never notice any difference when shooting it.
    I filled the cavities in the buttpad with epoxy so I could cut out deep enough for the knob to sit better, and so whatever I put in there doesn't get stuck between the stock and the buttpad.
  9. What about under the barrel where the laser would go? Its smaller but you could fit a small survival kit similar to what you'd find in the handle of a survival knife.

    That location would also help those who have the recoil pad.
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    eieio-did you cut yours yet? I was thinking about doing the same thing but figured i'd let you do it first.
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    Bah forget that! With the talent we have on this forum we should just start making our own guns and selling them!
  12. Hmmm... hope none of the alphabet soup guys are lurking :D
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    Let me shoot this thing for a couple of more times to get disgusted with the two hand , or trigger hand adjustment so I use the middle finger to press the magazine release, then I may end up cutting the strap to the satisfaction and wonder of all who inquire if cutting the strap will cause the stock to fail. When I do that I will attempt to post pictures and post a report. I can still go back to the original stock if necessary. I think it may flex some, but from what I can see, the ATI stock looks like it is stoutly built where it counts.