CZ products really nice looking. (Hi photo content)

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  1. I've got the CZ RAMI in 9 MM with stainless slide and poly frams. I really like it. haven't had a chance to get to the range with it yet/


  2. Ari

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    Let me know what you think when you do. Do you think it would fit the small hand of a gal?
  3. CZ makes great looking and awesome shooting pistols. Looking around their booth at the Shot Show was awesome.
  4. 1inthechamber

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    They really make great looking guns.
  5. YOU went to the SHOT SHOW?????? Man, we'd love to see some pictures when............. oh wait.................. never mind.......

    [ Nice looking toys! View if ya got 'em boys....... ]

    :lol: :lol:
  6. It's about a 1/2" shorter than my Glock 19 and 1/2" shorter in length with the 10 round mag. Also came with a 14 round mag. With the 10 round, I get 2 fingers on the grip with my little finger under the mag. With the 14 round, all fingers on grip. I have long, thin fingers and it fits me good. It's almost as thick as my Glock 19. For a smaller gun, it is fairly heavy.
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    Oh how I want one of those. I don't even care which one.