D.C. lawmaker says police should not have guns

Discussion in '2nd Amendment' started by FlashBang, Oct 10, 2014.

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    That Grasso guy, or whatever the hell his name is, needs to pull his head out of his "you know what". I would say some other foul stuff here, but I kinda like this forum and don't want to get booted off. :mad:
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    I can see it now... a constable in a foot chase of a suspect, screaming "Stop!!! or I'll be forced to say please!"
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    reminds me of youth and being on the Police Dept Explorer post, Explorers being a career specific next step after Boy Scouts, sort of like ROTC

    we dressed identical to the officers..... just no weapons

    the only thing you could yell at a criminal was "freeze I have handcuffs"
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    :rolleyes:This sounds fair to me DC doesn't want normal people to have guns so the police will not need them either.
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    These asshats should forgo being protected by, or having armed police respond to any criminal activity against them.... Brain dead morons like him should also be sterilized, so they don't spread their stupid.
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    How much do you want to bet that he and his buddies all have armed security protecting them. :rolleyes:

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    Without a doubt!
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    Well i do agree that the cops shouldnt have guns IF they are going to pass laws forbidding the law abiding citizens from having guns and see how fast they strike down their laws on gun bans. Now for his reasoning he is sick in the head like all other politicians but then that is the 1st requirement to be a politician here lately.
  11. Britain's already done that; none of the cops around here carry firearms. The heaviest weapon they got is pepper spray usually, and of course the club. SOME select few carry firearms, and I believe they have at least one in their cars, but most police here actually patrol; they park their cars and walk up to a mile away from it, so sh!t lotta good it does them when SHTF.