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    shoot this stuff with my Cricket. Sometimes I get flyers. About 5-10% I get chance of flyers. I hate it most when you have the target on your sights and you pull the trigger and you see the bullet fly left or right depending....it sure sucks! but over all their great ammo!! when their not doing flyers, their dead on up to 30 yards. I checked out the bullet path and if you sight it in at 25 yards you hit dead on at 10 yards 11 yards you hold under up to 25 then its dead on again. Works just like that when you shoot it. :D Im waiting for the gunshow in Feb so I can get another brick of them.

    MOD's: this was meant for 10/22 low velocity.....sorry.
  2. Shoot what? What brand?

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    Another random thought thread?
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    Extreme Shock Ammo thread and pressed New Thread by mistake?
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    Yeah, sort of, but it was for the Rger 10/22 Aguilia Calbri topic. It was my fault, I read it, and clicked on new instead of reply.