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Hello everyone!
I have some questions regarding Daewoo Dp51
I purchased DP51 not too long ago.
Being my first gun, I wanted to get some info on it but I couldn't find anything but ended up with more questions.

I found collection of three different pictures of dp51.

-One with lots of small markings on the slide-

-One with Big "DAEWOO" letters on the slide WITH lanyard loop-

-One with Big "DAEWOO" letters on the slide WITHOUT lanyard loop- (the one I have)

Does anyone know the difference? or are they just same guns with different markings and were imported on different time period?

also I would like to hear some likes and dislikes from the owners and maybe some history after the gun got into the America.

I read lots Korean blogs about the gun from soldiers who used k5/dp51 in Korea and 8/10 of them HATED it. They kept talking about getting rid of k5/dp51 (still in service in Korea) and replace some other gun. Is the gun that bad?

Some extra pictures of DP51 I found.
-Military version of K5/dp51-

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