Daewoo Pistols

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    Daewoo makes bulldozers, cars, forklifts, batteries, TVs, and now firearms, CRAZY!?

  2. Dude they make some bad-donkey assault rifles lol.
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    daewoo is the parent company for hitachi, and about half a dozen other no-name corporations. Hitachi makes the goods and slaps another name on it to sell to a wider market.

  4. Back in the 90's a co-worker had one of the Daewoo .223 rifles, that thing was sooooo much better than the AR that I almost bought one, that was right about the time the AWB went into effect. We would put hundreds of rounds a week thru his rifle and my Mini-14, his Daewoo would shoot circles around the Mini all day long.

    About a year ago a fellow shooter at the range had one of the Daewoo pistols in 9mm. I had a chance to check it out and put a few rounds down range, seemed to be very well made and accurate too. Thats the extent of my hands on with Daewoo pistols.
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    I have fired their pistol in 40 S&W and their rifle in 5.56. THE ROC army carries them. I like them both. My best friend has the pistol.

    The pistol has been really hard to find mags for.

    This is the rifle
    They also have one other rifle, that is not shown.

    Years ago I helped a friend buy one of these rifles. We ordered it from SGN it cost him $318 OTD.. Man I should have bought 5 of them