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Discussion in 'Lounge' started by lklawson, Nov 12, 2015.

  1. lklawson

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    So apparently Target has a new shirt for the holiday season: "OCD - Obsessive Christmas Disorder" and, naturally, someone is crying foul and outrage. Insensitive to OCD sufferers!

    However, like the manufactured outrage over the Starbucks not-quite-Christmas cups, apparently the vast majority are telling the outraged, "up yours."

    Are Americans finally getting tired of the "selective outrage of the day?" Or is it just certain outrages that Americans are sick of and others get the perpetual pass?

    Peace favor your sword,
  2. Bull

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    I think the vast majority are tired of any kind of outrage.......

  3. moona11

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    PC BS does get old after about 3 3 seconds
  4. histed

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    Takes you that long? You be a patient man, mOOnz.
    Don't think they get a pass, Kirk. Just the MSM pushing the current political agenda. Gotta think mainstream America is heartily sick of the whole PC thing
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  5. Not2ManyGuns

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    Nothing political is correct.
  6. That's why I stopped watching/reading the news years ago. To much 'agenda' and too little news.
  7. Think1st

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    I think that the stories of outrage mainly depict the manufactured sense of offense from a small number of people who do little social media pushes about certain issues. Then the news outlets publish stories about the "outrage", while failing to say just how many people really took offense to something.

    Most of these things are non-events, with more people calling it the petty rubbish that it really is.

    And speaking of outrage, this whole phenomenon of the vulgar student mobs shutting down people with whom they disagree is really starting to remind me of the kinds of tactics that the Nazi Brownshirts used in Germany to crush the moderates. If anyone wants to be outraged at something, they need to start getting outraged at the budding cadre of future totalitarians being cultivated on our campuses.
  8. Bull

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    Currently on the MU campus, the protestors are trying to establish white free safe zones, where they can decompress, and be themselves.... (Their words, not mine).... So now we've got minorities demanding segregation.... You know, the whole separate but equal that MLK fought against....
    I have a fairly diverse group of people friended on FB, and from what I can determine from everyone's reaction to this BS, they're tired of it... The whole charade of entitlement coupled with desperate attempts to generate some kind of victimhood.....
    What's truly amazing is that all these sjw groups will devour each other up, if we could just leave them to their own devices.... They can't trump each other quick enough.
  9. FlashBang

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    I learned a long time ago that no matter what something is.... someplace, somewhere, there is someone who is either going to be offended by it or wants to sleep with it. :)
  10. Moderates are never crushed. They compromise themselves out of existence as being relevant to the situation. Being a cork in the ocean is only a good thing when it's calm.
    By the time the SA was formed, the moderates in Germany were rapidly loosing any support and power they ever did have.

    Today there was supposed to be a major student strike across the US. I haven't seen anything in the news about there being one. Did it happen?

    I did find something. Looks like it was a non-event. Looks like most college students just want to go to school.

    "About 50 students from Boston-area colleges gathered at Northeastern University carrying signs that read "Degrees not receipts" and "Is this a school or a corporation?""
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  11. Bull

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    This is why not everyone should go to college...... Let's be honest, some people aren't doing anything but wasting money.
  12. Most of those poor little wall flowers would'nt make it on their own for a week if a Worldwide natural castastrophe,war or economic collapse occurred.They'll be clamoring for help.Depending on who's 'in charge',they'd either willingly repeat the past of Germany or do what what many of our Great Grandparents did.Tough it out,help each other as best we can and make sacrifices
    I'm not so sure the current crop of 'college educated' crybabies could go the correct route.
  13. Bull

    Bull Just a Man Supporting Member

    They'd sell everyone else out for a tofu burger........ Everyone of these jackwagons that speaks, sound like a rabid mix of the worst parts of fascist Germany, and communist Russia, rolled into a entitled sham of humanity.
  14. undeRGRound

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    You Know howmuch College Debt I had???


    Like my phone, it was a "pay as you go" Plan ;)

    I heard about a couple of things that got the MU president to resign,
    on ESPN. Fill me in BULL! I just heard one side... :eek:
  15. People still ***** about the past in our Country.The USA has EXCELLED in trying to right the wrongs.Theres no reason to walk around with a chip on your shoulder,here.
    Unless you feel 'owed'. None of us are owed a damn thing! That's my opinion and I'm sticking by it!
  16. Bull

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    ImageUploadedByHi-Point Forum1447375452.446821.jpg
    Sums it up pretty well.
  17. undeRGRound

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    I wanted you take on "did the president do enough" and were the incidents isolated? I heard they found a swastika made of sh!t, which is a very appropriate material for such a symbol. But do not leave it in another's college dorm room.
  18. talon

    talon the banned wagon

    Im just waiting for "the Bern" to give me my free college, and the free unicorn to get there.
  19. Bull

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    The so called poopstika, was never proved.... The only pic shown was from Reddit a year and a half ago..... Pretty much a sham all the way around, it's starting to appear....
  20. MaryB

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    Had a guy over on a silver forum ask how can he prep if he only eats fresh food. I was blunt, learn to eat frozen or freeze dried or starve!