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Dakota Outdoor Cutlery knives for sale....

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Just got these in with my latest shipment of merchandise. Giving you guys first dibs on them because I dont sell sporting good items in my little retail venture.

Brand is Dakota Outdoor Cutlery, stainless steel blades, Imported (China) but really good quality.

I have 6-7 of each knife and will accept PayPal or Postal Money Order. Shipping will be $4.15 via First Class USPS. That's actual shipping cost for one I just sent out to a guy in Oregon (shipping + mailer + delivery confirmation). PM me if you are interested.

Dakota Junior Stockman $9.00 + $4.15 S&H

Dakota Mini Stag Stockman $8.00 + 4.15 S&H
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Do you know how well those blades hold and edge? If they are pretty good quality, I might be interested in one.
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