Damn Hi-Point

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Pistols' started by p7196, Apr 21, 2008.

  1. p7196

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    It's their fault for building a quality firearm. I will be broke soon. I have become addicted. I just bought another HP 40. Pictures to come soon. I now own 14 HP firearms. Do you think I am addicted?
  2. Yes, you are definitely over the top! And since you live in Tennessee (as I do), just send me a few of your guns, and you will feel better! :)

  3. The first step to recovery is to admit you have a problem, and share all your HP's with you TN buddies. I'm in Nashville!
  4. hobo

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    Fourteen? HOLY CRAP! You do have the sickness. :shock: Congratulations.

    I bet you're already looking for #15.
  5. I agree, just go ahead and send a couple towards Knoxville while your at it... :D
  6. To save on shipping broomhead and I use the same address. :D

    And of course, here in TN you can carry all of the Hi-Point handguns on your person at the same time!
  7. p7196

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    A few months back when I bought my C9 I got it due to the price. Since then I have fell in love with HP. When I find one under $100 I buy it. Can't go wrong with them. They are the shiznit. Yeah I have a Kimber only shot 8 rounds through it. I don't want it scratched up. I have S & W, Ruger and a host of other brands as you all know. But the only ones I enjoy shooting are my HP's. I----- gotta----- git------- more------now.
    Just wait I will bet money that within the next 6 months I will have 5 or 6 of every model they make. Now I am going to pimp out one. I have an engraver that is going to put flames on one of my C9s. Plus he is going to engrave a bunch of other stuff on it. This will be one that goes to my oldest daughter when I keel over.
  8. Intelligence is there...

    Smart thinking!
  9. I would call Hi Point, tell them how many of their weapons you own, and ask what is the number you have to own before they start giving you stock in the company ;)
  10. p7196

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    Hell I am buying stock the hard way now.
  11. GrOuNd_ZeRo

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    do you own ever Hi-Point twice over or what? damn!
  12. p7196

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    sumptin close anyway.
  13. Where is mule town. Is that close to Huntsville, AL? I don't mind a short drive. :D
  14. Strangerous

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    Mule Town, TN is aproximately i-dont-give-a-damn miles from any HP fan's current address. ;) It's amazing what an addiction will do to some people. :lol:
  15. deaconwagers

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    fourteen? ::applauds::
  16. p7196

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    Actually Mule Town Tn is Columbia. 55miles south of Nashville.
  17. hp4lyfe

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    (starts packing .........tennesse here i come)
  18. p7196

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    Guys, guys, guys hold up a second. I didn't say I was gonna share. I am a selfish arse.
  19. Do you use one of those large suitcases for a range bag? You know, the kind with the rollers and the extending handle? :D

    Or, do you use your family members as "pack mules"? :lol:
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    Gee can we get a picture of you carrying all those HP? Should be good. Uh, two armpit holsters, two ankle holsters, SOB, two belt holsters, two inside the waistban holsters, and someplace I heard about a little holster that hides behind your zipper...Might be a good place for a carbine.

    Then to conceal everything you would have to wear a 9X9 tent. ;^)

    Heck, if I should come accross a HP for under a C note, I'd grab it too. Around here when a HP comes into our local gun shop, it's usualy sold by the end of the day.

    BTW, I have room here to help store a .40 cal.