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Dark Alley Comp

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So I went and bought a pistol compensator for my 5.7 ROCK. Why you ask? Good question. The truth is I bought it because I think it might help a tiny little bit but I know that it won't hurt.

The 5.7 ROCK has very little recoil. But it came with a threaded barrel and unless I want to spend $90 for an unthreaded barrel, I'm going to have a bit sticking out and a thread protector nut. We all know I'm too cheap to spend $90 for a new barrel. So, regardless, I'm going to have a bit poking out and maybe the comp will help a little bitty bit. And if I hate it, it just screws on and off like the standard thread protector.

Off site link to the product:

Peace favor your sword,
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I hope it works as you want it to. Sometimes the oddest things give the best benefits to bring on a smile.
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