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Did some trading at the LGS, I traded a Sccy Cpx 2 for these😲😁 CDM 22 lr top left, Jennings 9, EIG 22 short bottom, and Lorcin L380. And got 20 bucks off an Anderson stripped lower. Flame away
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The CDM is good and tight, The EIG is so so, the Lorcin and Jennings work fine. They all shoot. The shop owner has been buying police turn in guns, so these have tagged along in the lot with the rest. He does not like to put these in the case because the people who have tried to buy them have failed the 4473. He will save them to see if I want them, he knows I will not rob a liquor store with them. I liked the Sccy but I also like the variety of Saturday Night Specials.

I wonder what kind of people are failing 4473? I got an idea.
1 - 1 of 31 Posts