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Man, I feel your pain. My daughter just finished her 4 year college last year and is home for a while before going to law school. She went to a very good private school and thank the Lord she was smart and got a scholership. It was not a full ride unfortunatly but better than nothing. She had a place on campus and we got to see her often. Our out of pocket cost not counting her books and food ect. was 36,000. Luckily we had saved and only had the one child and we were able to pay it off. Without the scholership this school would have been about 160,000. That would have been tough to pay for and I don't see how I could have afforded that. Anyway, I figure it's money well spent and she will be able to earn her own way and not be dependant on some guy or have to work like a dog like her old man had to. Good luck.
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