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My 18 year old daughter will soon be graduating high school. She has been accepted to the three colleges she applied to and is now trying to decide which to attend. I had no idea the cost of a college education and the outrageous cost of some of the private schools. She is going to one school tomorrow for a weekend of scholarship interviews. The cost of this place (ivy league) would be roughly 250,000.00 for a bachelors degree. This school only accepts 450 freshmen a year out of roughly 17,000 applicants. They tell us that half of the 450 will get a full ride. Damn, I hope so. The other schools are both much less. One is a land grant college, the other a state college but even their cost floored me. When I graduated high school in 1977 less than half went to college. Like me, most entered the work force and the rest joined the military. I could just imagine what my dad would have said if I wanted to go to a 250,000.00 college. I believe he would have said " get thee to a recruiter" ..........
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