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    I am in the process of putting together a couple of Davis P32's. The issue is the barrel is sticking out a bit much (see below). Is this normal? The pins fit well and the barrel is not moving (one does have a little play) and it seems lined up correctly. They are having extraction issues with dummy rounds, I am guessing it is the extractor and not the barrel issue noted above, but it is a possibility.

    Also, did Cobra ever actually make a 32 ACP Denali? Or would a CA 32 barrel fit the Denali? This place advertises Denali 32 ACP magazines: https://www.joespawnshop.net/Cobra-Mags_c15.htm?page=2

  2. I had a Davis 380 for a while and I don't think they are made with exacting manufacturing duplication on parts. As long as the thing functions (such as it is) I wouldn't worry about it.
    Opinions may vary.

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    It seems like a lot of their items are slapped together. They work. I just don't trust them much. Maybe their derringer series but their semi autos are sketch and I have no experience with their revolvers.
  4. I've had this problem myself. According to a former Davis employee (on the now defunct BJJA Forum) didn't use positioning jigs for drilling the barrel pins. They just seated the barrels and drilled the hole for the pin in the general area. The result is that replacing barrels can be a bit of a crap shoot.

    No, and No. Cobra cast the Denali barrels into a Zamak housing much like a Hi-Point barrel; see below.
    Denali barrel montage.jpg
  5. Cobra uses the same magazine for .32 and .380; not sure what Joe's is smoking since AFAIK there are no Denali .32 out there.
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    I put a Cobra CA 380 together a while back, I have not shot it much but I am pleasantly surprised so far with it (other than the trigger).

    I remember reading that thread from the former Davis employee. It was interesting to read an insiders perspective.

    From a different thread, I figured there might be some issues fitting barrels. But it still looked a bit strange with the barrel sticking out. And with it not extracting dummy rounds, I wasn't sure if I had done something wrong or if the extractor was an issue.

    One of the 32 ACP frames I will probably have to re-drill holes for the grip screws, as the current ones are worthless. I seem to recall people doing that on the BJJA forum, did they just re-drill in the same spot (bigger screws?) or did they just drill new holes?

    Probably should have taken the Denali apart and I could have answered those last questions about the barrel. A 32 ACP Denali would be very cool! The Denali is a decent gun, the magazines suck. In my search for aftermarket mags, that is how I came across Joe's. I have not had a chance to try the aftermarket mag yet. I would like to soon, but with 380 so expensive, that is a low priority right now.

    As I was thinking about the magazine question, I should have remembered that Cobra uses the same magazine for the 32 and 380.
  7. Re-drill in same spot and tap for bigger screws. FWIW Somebody on BJJA tried a helicoil once but it didn't last.