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    I know that Davis is no longer in business and their old 380's are now sold as Cobras, but I have a question for you guys.

    My dad has always swore by his 2 Davis P-380's. Everything I've ever read has downed them and said they were junk guns. I've shot clip after clip through his and never had a single problem. Same with him. He loves them.

    Why are they so frowned upon? I know they aren't top quality, but for a fairly small (and affordable, not everyone that needs CC SD is rich.) CCW they seem to do the job. Accurate enough for almost all CCW situations and shoot fed hydrashok 90gr fmj's all day long without a hiccup.

    I told him he must've got 2 from a good batch, but after tearing one down and looking at it, it was clean as a whistle for a so called "junk gun". The only downside I see is the lack of a locking slide and a 5rnd magazine max. But, of course, if you need more than 10 (2 mags) in a CCW situation then you either can't shoot or you're in a situation you shouldn't have been in at all anyway.

    Just curious what you guys think.

    - Kevin
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    all the masses get a type of group hysteria...whenever it comes to inexpensive weapons they know someone who knows someone who had one that blew up... Its also part status symbol most people like to pump their "image" up by buying expensive guns... or cars or whatever.. Just like when you drive thru a ghetto area and someone lives in a run down house but spends their last dime in order to finance a cadillac escalade in order to uphold some image.... Inexpensive guns will always be looked down upon, But if you have experience with the weapon in question... get one. Who cares about what the other people say about it. That is why I love this forum... its like a bunch of people who have higher than average common sense and aren't afraid of the rest of the packs opinions. I cant tell you how many gun stores i have walked into inquiring about hi-points to have the shop keeper tell me that they only carry "quality firearms" yeah... Well I still cant find anyone to stand in front of my hi-points.. The same store buys WWB ammo direct from wal-mart for $15.72/100 rounds and re-sells it for like $25 a box.... They must make it "quality ammo" while in their store.

    Unfortunately being a gun owner doesn't cure stupidity for some people out there.

    But if you get a cobra .380 let us all know how it shoots... Ive seen one before and debated it... A range report would be good

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    The CCW instructor for the course I took had one in her collection. She had said it had a bad rep but had been fine hers was chrome.

    She said that she has had to replace a spring and does not use it often as it was heavy and large for a .380.

    Other than that she said it was fine.
  4. I have never shot a Davis but I would like one because my last name is Davis. I have shot a comparable in 'looked down upon' Raven .25 and it functioned flawlessly.
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    Mine is a newer Cobra, little 5 shot, fits in my front pocket.

    It's been a good little gun, goes bang everytime my booger hook pulls the bang switch, everytime.

    Fairly accurate out to about 15-20 yards too, at least for what it is. I don't shoot it alot because it's a cheap gun, but I've shot it enough to feel confident with it in my pocket.
  6. I have little knowledge of the David P-380. I owned one for a short time and shot it little before selling it. All I can say is it was heavy for its size, I didn't consider it a great choice for pocket carry, and it worked just like it was supposed to. For the price it's hard to go wrong. Inexpensive firearms get a bad rap, often from gun owners. Many people have no desire to spend several hundred dollars or more for a pistol, and some simply can't afford to. These pistols allow people on a budget to provide for their own defense. Rather than run them down, we should honestly evaluate them and recommend them where appropriate. In the end, each buyer must make their own choice without being denigrated.
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    The Cobra CA380 and Davis P-380 are -exactly- the same gun, for those who don't know. All Cobra did was buy out Davis and their stock of guns, and stamp Cobra on the side. I won't be buying a Cobra 380 because if I decide I do want one for CC, my dad has already said I could have one of his Davis P-380's. But I do know from personal experience that both of his are good shooting little guns. I'll agree they're a bit heavy, but they aren't as heavy as something like a C9 and they're much smaller for CC purposes.
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    Here's another way to look at the expensive vs inexpensive gun debate: If you have to use your weapon in a life or death situation, considering the political climate today, you will spend many thousands of dollars, perhaps tens of thousands, to defend your right to live. At best, your life will be irreparably damaged. When compared to the above, the additional several hundred dollars for a weapon that will do its job with a higher degree of confidence is totally insignificant. And if you're not prepared to spend thousands and thousands and have your life turned upside down, then don't carry.
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    Sure, because kimbers and glocks never ever fail. And a life turned upside down is still yours' or your families. Dead because you didn't want to protect yourself is still dead.
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    You couldn't troll a more recent thread? Six freakin' years dead. Irrelevant moron.
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    Don't feed the troll. Although you can poke it with a sharp stick if you wish.

    Thousands and thousands on a carry piece? What a dip$#!t.
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    I'd rather carry the cheap pistol, juuuuuussst in case.
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    I'm going to start calling you guys the Messiah... you just resurrected a 6 year old dead topic..... :D
  14. I'd think something that cost more would have more features, I love my HP but would still trust a glock at least a little more