Day at the Army rifle range.

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    I shot my NCO's M16 to qualify, my own weapon is deadlined (Fancy word for broken).

    My groups for zero-ing were real tight but had some trouble getting a good sight picture so I didn't qualify right off the bat, on top of that, I shot the guy next to me's target.

    but in the end I ended up shooting 35/40 and have earned my sharpshooter badge.

    All in all a fun day at the range i'd say, too bad they wouldn't let me expend all ammo, some NCO's were shooting the M16 in burst mode to kill the ammo...
  2. Yeah I used to be one of the NCO's shooting full auto to get rid of the ammo. And that was back in the day when the M16 was full auto, not 3 rd burst rifles

    Ahhhhhhhh the good times :)

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    good job man. I qualled last month. we had a 35 mph crosswind...really SUCKED. I was the only one in my company to quality on the pop ups. they made the decision after everyone couldn't get it done on the pop up range switched to the alternate paper target I wish I would have fired again and boosted my score...
  4. Love doing a spendex!!!!!! To bad you get in huge trouble for that now lol....

    Good job at the range bubba! Next time you are having trouble at the range start humming or singing (if you can) your favorite song! It sounds dumb but it take you mind out of the equation. That is what gets in the way of most shooters!!!!!! Dont believe me give it a try!!!!!

    Great job on the SS.
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    That is precisely how I got to shoot weapons at Ft Harrison MT, back in 1986. The event was for the First Special Services Forces (Forerunner to modern SF, and Canadian Airborne) It was a reunion for the good people who actually served in that "Devil's Brigade" a joint Canadian/USA venture.

    I had the lifetime chance to shoot full auto firearms: The M-16A1, the Canadian C1A2, the "Sterling" SMG ( sorry, dont remember the designation) Several things I learned about that opportunity: Hollywood lies. Shooting from the hip, and offstance were all BS I had seen in movies: thus I started to look to reality about firearms, military in particular.

    During my break off the line while others shot, I saw several current SF guys loading mags. I asked them how could they afford to let regular people shoot: Response, It was old ammo anyway, and would be demilled if it wasnt shot up now.
  6. While at Ft Riley in 78 or so, we got to shoot off a bunch of old LAW rockets that had to either be used or destroyed I guess because of their age.

    I volunteered for that detail and got to spend all morning shooting them at an old car hulk

    Lots of fun :)
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    Last trip at the range, zeroed with 9 rounds (actually first grouping of 3), qualified (sharpshooter) then spent the rest of the day "Coaching". Always love getting the weapons back when other Units "ain't got time to clean'em".

    I need to tag along with some of the guys when they go fire their AR15's, that's really why I haven't made expert yet, not a whole lot of trigger time.