DDay reenactment....

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by elguapo, Nov 12, 2007.

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  2. WOW :shock: that would be fun

  3. I've been to a couple big scenerios, but never played in any good ones. That does look like it'd be fun though.
  4. The biggest scenario game I was in had like 200 or so people we were reenacting some battle from the Korean War.... Can't remember for sure which one. Anyway I was an infiltrator on the UN side... a spy...

    It can be very fun if it is run right! Fair refing and all that :)

    I still have my old ICD gun. just a simple blowback semi... but as I usually was a spy your gun was secondary ... it was your sneakiness that got you in and out. And I am sneaky :lol: at least thats what the Chinese team said when they couldn't figure out how a paint grenade got into each of there rear area bases :roll: Man those things make a mess :!:
  5. If you want to have fun at a D-Day re-enactment, you want to do oklahoma D-Day. It's like 2500 people, all split into various regiments/platoons etc... all with objectives and such.

    It's about a week long with 1 day covering the actual game, with various mini-games, etc... filling the rest (as well as orientation, etc...)
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    that would be a blast . cant wait till it warms up so we can start playing again
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    I am planning on making D-Day this year. It is AWESOME. I just hope work can agree with me to get the time off
  8. We have a bunch of canoes and jon boats and have been thinking off storming to beach a Normandy as a scenario.
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    That's like the most awesome thing ever.
  10. I do some civil war reacting and lot of Texas rev . Even built a working copy of the Gonzales gun. I do use black power guns in my stuff even got a replica Patterson rev.