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    About 230 AM this morning I was driving home and all at once a little deer ran in front of me. Bang I hit the thing ,my airbags deployed and horn locked open and there I sat in the middle of the road. I'm not hurt bad just a sore chestwall and back and head ache fon the impact with the bag. killed the deer and killed the car. Sorry if this is sounding weird I'm on some strong painkillers right now cause I hurt like heck
  2. Ugh!!

    Sorry about that.

    Hope you get pictures and a decent replacement car.

    Good luck!

  3. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt. Hope you get to feeling better soon, sorry to hear about the car. :cry:
  4. Not good, but a lot better than it ends up sometimes: you're alive and not hurt _too_ bad.

    On the plus side, do you get to keep the venison? If I'm not mistaken, the rule here in GA is that you do, even it it's out of season. But... IANAL
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    Deer Hair

    Yep. Happened to me about 16 years ago.
    Unfortunately the insurance Co. didn't "total" the car, and got it 'fixed'.
    That was Autumn, in Texas... 7-8 months down the road, we were back in 100 degree weather and I turned on the A/C. Whoooooosh! a cloud of Deer hair flew out of the A/C vents. The carcass had impacted near the intake, which hadn't been really cleaned out.

    Nasty, nasty smell.
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    Oh and bruised venison isn't really good eatin'.
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    Bummer man, heal up.
  8. Re: Deer Hair

    My wife ran over one that had been dead in the road all day in the summer heat and it pasted itself all over the bottom of her minivan.

    Her son took it and washed the bottom at the car wash, but every time I got under it the smell was there and pieces of dead deer stuck on bolts etc.

    I was very glad when we traded it off LOL

    SHOOTER Z Well-Known Member

    Sorry no Pictures, deer no good, and I am feeling better but am on an extended vacation for at least a week to 2 weeks till I can find another car
  10. Gald to hear that you are not hurt bad . Deer can come out of nowhere before you know it . Cars can be replaced , the main thing is that it could have been a lot worse.
  11. Hope you continue to heal and good luck in finding a new car Shooter Z.... Sorry to hear about your accident though... Bummer.
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    That is one thing I really fear when travelling: Deer jumping across the road. When you are cruising at 75 mph, it takes but a split second. I am not a fan of airbags myself, but I DO wear my seatbelt at all times. Take care, buddy.
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    Take care shoot.I was goin to work one morning in Ohio and passed a car/deer accident.The deer went over the hood and through the windshield.the deer and the dude were killed.Glad your alive to tell the tale.Sad you got racked up. :D :cry:
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    My father in-law nails at least two or three deer a year so he had a tow truck push bumper with extended rails bolted/welded to his Dodge Ram P/U. Now he states deer are just a bump in the road. The last deer count in his area was like 46.2 deer per square mile so I told him not to waste the money on a hunting license and just to weld a spear to the front of his Dodge.
  15. thanks be that you're not hurt too bad...... AND you have another story to tell!

    I whacked one on a cycle once and am here to tell about it. Yes, that day I had someone lookin' out for me.

    Heal fast!
  16. Glad to hear you're not hurt, man.
  17. I meant, "Glad to hear you're not hurt bad."
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    Glad to hear your basically "ok".

    Hope you feel better soon.

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    Dittos on that. Up here in central WI it's a rare day not to see a dead deer along certain streaches of roads. At this point my '97 Blazer has three deer strikes on it.

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    Well a guy I work with has a carrier so we went up to where it was towed and got it out. They were charging me 200 for the tow +20 per day every day it sat there. He's gonna do some checking to see what part ha can come up on it and if the frame is OK. He seems to think it may be fixable. He also ha a 96GMC pickup he'll sell me for $300 if 9it can't be fixed so we'll see. All I can do is sit back and relax and wait and see. I'm still out for at least another week maybe longer