Dead deer walking! AWESOME PIC!

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  1. Got this in an e-mail from my wife. This picture was taken in Montana from motion sensitive game camera by a land owner to see if there were deer moving through a certain part of his property... He got a bit more than he was bargaining for... Awesome stuff..


    If you notice, the deer's head is down, his tail is down, he's just going about his normal routine of eating/moving around at night. I would venture a guess to say that cougar is taking steps at the same time the deer is to mask any sounds.

    Talk about a predator.
  2. freedom

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    WOW!! That is a cool picture.

    Great timing for the photographer

  3. AndrewST

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    Someone should turn that into an "Owned" Picture!
  4. It was one of those motion sensor cameras you hang from a tree and leave in the woods.
  5. Dreamthief

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    That's AWESOME! lol
  6. I wish there was another picture of the actual pounce, that'd be cool as nuts!
  7. The thing is, once the deer realizes what the hell's about to happen, they have sharp hooves, and kick like a mule. Not saying that the deer will kill the cougar or vice versa, but at least the deer has a fighting chance.
  8. Primal I don't know how you do but you find some cool stuff lol
  9. Think the flash spooked the cat? Wife insists it's a fawn cause she sees spots, I say WAY to big for a fawn. Someone back me up here.
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    Isn't that a rack on the right side of the deers head?
  11. Looks to be an ear to me, not sure. Not a deer expert.
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    looks like antlers still covered in felt. pic taken in in summer or early fall?
  13. unless that's a micro-cat, the deer is way to big for fawn, and beefy too.

    This is a great pic!
  14. Dreamthief

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    the spots could be dust on the lens, something on the coat, or something like that. Spots on a fawn tend to extend down the flank more. It looks like a female mule deer to me.


    female mule deer

  15. omg. that deer is about to be like
  16. That deer is a buck, looks like antlers to me
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    I don't think so. just big ol ears to me.
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    another vote for ears, if you look close they are distinctly "leaf" shaped, with dark on the back and light on the front.