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Discussion in 'General Firearms Discussion' started by travis9mm, May 9, 2015.

  1. travis9mm

    travis9mm Member

    Picked up a Phoenix Hp22a for $65 with holster! Looks good. Needs cleaned but pshh for that price ill gladly clean it!

  2. colthrash

    colthrash Member

    I love my phoenix. I have the extensions on my magazines.

  3. Kiln

    Kiln Member

    $65 is an excellent price. I'd buy one for that in a heartbeat. Looks like it's in great shape too.
  4. tjulian

    tjulian Member

    Lucky dog. I'll give you $66 for it and I'll clean it. :D
  5. SWAGA

    SWAGA No longer broke... Lifetime Supporter

    Good it functional ;)?
  6. travis9mm

    travis9mm Member

    Thanks all. Id rate the gun a 8.5 out of 10. Half the price of new so im A-ok with a little bit of wear. The guy i got it from shot it a few times but didnt like the weight for such a small gun. The barrel end has a little bit of surface rust but the bore is clean. I really think i did good.
  7. osbornk

    osbornk Hillbilly on a motorcycle Member

    I paid full retail of $149 for mine a few years ago and don't regret it. I shoot it more than anything else I have. I did buy the long barrel from e-bay for $30 something with the illusion that it shoots better. It doesn't and the short barrel works fine. The only thing I did was disable the magazine safety so I could clear the chamber with the magazine out. You got an outstanding buy and they are a good gun.
  8. travis9mm

    travis9mm Member

    Thanks! I did the magazine safety mod and I also lifted the mag spring so that it would drop freely. Is there any way to figure out a date of the gun? It looks like its been used a bit and ive heard of frame cracks in the older ones and i definitely dont want that to happen.
  9. travis9mm

    travis9mm Member

    After 2 hrs of cleaning and oiling!


    New pocket holster!

  10. Rerun

    Rerun Supporting Member

    Shoot standard velocity ammunition, ONLY!

    That's less than 1200 FPS.

    As far as the fellow complaining about the weight, he should try shooting Hi Standard's Supermatics or Trophys; S&W Model 41's; Ruger's MK II or III with Heavy Barrels; or Browning's Buckmarks.

    I love my two HP-22's

  11. Dagwood

    Dagwood Supporting Member

    I like em. My sister in law has the .25 acp version. Great gun, just hate the safeties. I thought i really broke it one time after dis assembly and cleaning. I got it back to gether and it didn't work. Turns out it had something to do with the safeties. I can't remember exactly, but I really thought I messed it up.
  12. travis9mm

    travis9mm Member

    A piece of wire under the mag spring lets it drop free and 2 min with a file and the mag safety is gone. And on a good note for $4 i can replace the safety if i decide to sell it
  13. Atomic_Ed

    Atomic_Ed Member

    I too like 'em. Brings back the old days when I just went out to plink with no agenda.

    Here's some more stuff to tune your HP22 a little better.

    If you're wanting a LRHO for the HP22, give these a try. I've got them in all of my magazines and they seem to be holding up well. search Ebay for

    Phoenix Arms HP22 Slide Hold-back Magazine Follower.

    They do take out a round of capacity but there is a easy fix for that too. Just Dremel out the magazine base to account for the extra follower thickness. Here's a pic of before and after:

    [​IMG]P1010710 by lazarus352, on Flickr

    I had one of my HP22s start giving me issues with extraction. This guide did the trick:
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  14. undeRGRound

    undeRGRound ROLL wif Da MOLE! Supporting Member

    Great PDF, Ed!
    I got my 22a, like new for $105 and bought a matching long barrel at the same time.
  15. travis9mm

    travis9mm Member

    So the ammo i bought is 1280 fps. Is that too much??? I dont want to crack my gun!
  16. lklawson

    lklawson Staff Member

    That's considered "High Velocity" and exceeds the Manufacturer's Recommendation of using only Standard Velocity.

    Standard Velocity = ~1,125 fps
    High Velocity = ~1,200-1,300 fps
    Hyper Velocity = ~1,400-1,800 fps

    Peace favor your sword,
  17. travis9mm

    travis9mm Member

    Well damn... thanks for the info Kirk!
  18. Dragonbreath

    Dragonbreath Member

    i have been thinking about buying one of these for a while now. But seeing that they are not rated to handle high velocity ammunition makes it a no go for me. I have over 4k rounds of bulk 22lr, but every single round of it is rated at 1200 fps or higher.
    Come to think of it, I can't remember the last time I saw any standard velocity 22lr in a store.
  19. Atomic_Ed

    Atomic_Ed Member

    Don't get too hung up on a couple of hundred fps. Truth is, the frame is likely to crack, even with standard velocity lr. 5K rounds seems to be the average frame life. Some have cracked sooner, some haven't cracked at all after a lot more rounds beyond 5K and using HV 22lr. Using standard velocity verses high velocity just decreases the risk of early cracking. I'm using some old target 22lr that is rated 1250 fps out of a rifle and I'm not worried about it. Changing out the recoil spring every 500 to 1K rounds goes a long way in adding to the life of the frame.

    Did you get the original registration card with the Hp22a?. If so, send it in. Phoenix is fairly good about their owner lifetime warranty. Just send the pistol back to them and they will replace the entire pistol, no charge, if the frame cracks.

    Even if you don't have the original registration, contact Phoenix about registering. Worst case: If the frame cracks, some individuals have just cut out the cracked area and kept on rocking with the pistol will no ill effects. (I'm talking about the thin frame area on the right side, in the magazine area.)

    Another tip is go to ACE hardware and look for a #124 spring as a substitute for the Phoenix recoil spring. The spring can be found in the drawer of springs, not individually packaged. Not all ACE hardware carry them.

    Enjoy the toy!
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  20. planosteve

    planosteve Lifetime Supporter

    Academy had hundreds of boxes of sub sonic and quiet 22 this morning.