Dealer vs. Non-dealer and Hi-Point firearms

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    I do apologize that I will go out of my way not to mention the names of the stores in question, so I will call them dealer and non-dealer in this thread. I hope that will not confuse or annoy anybody reading this.

    A friend of mine was interested in buying a handgun for home defense (his wife told him he can only buy *one* firearm). So, I took him to a firing range I usually go to (they are rather nice folks even though like many places they do not sell HiPoints. But they do not care I take mine to the range), and let him try some of my handguns.

    He hated the P64 (too aggressive a kick) and surprisingly did not like the CZ82 either (he is the first person who said so; I had girls who were impressed with how nice it felt on their hands and shot). But, he liked the C9. A lot. While at the range, he borrowed a glock 9mm, which he hated, and a Beretta X4 (I think), which he felt was nice but not $300 nicer than the C9.

    After trying a few more he decided he would take the C9. It was not going to be a CCW gun, more like a bedstand one. And, he said it slid into his hand nicely and did not hammer his hand like the P64... or drew blood off the web of his hand like the CZ82 (first human I know to ever had such issue). The only handgun he thought was a *little* bit better was the Beretta, but it was not $300 better.

    So, he looked in the hipoint website and looked for dealers close to our town. The closest one, which I shall call "dealer" because I do not want to name names (their website is, was about 45minutes from us. So, we drove there on Wednesday. And found they were busy processing orders and whatnot. So we asked if they sold HiPoint, to which they said yes. My friend then asked about the C9. The reply then was they only sold the carbines since they could not markup the pistols. Now, that not only surprised me but the fact they did not even offer alternatives surprised me even more. In fact, they simply went back to processing other orders. Clearly the dealer did not want our money.

    After we left, I suggested to go to another store I knew. It was not a dealer but I bought my C9 from them, new, at a gun show. After some driving we arrived at the non-dealer, whose name I shall also not mention (website http://www.sweetwatergunshop). After some very low stress negotiating, the C9 cost my friend $219 after all taxes, which he will be picking up next Saturday.

    So, here we have a dealer (according to the hipoint website) which will not sell us a hipoint handgun and a non-dealer that not only has all the hipoint handguns for sale but also 5 different hipoint carbine models and is quite eager to make a sale. So, why is the first company a hipoint dealer?
  2. $220?!? What?!? For a $150 pistol?

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    That price was quite close to what he would have paid by getting it online + shipping + FFL. And, that store was willing to sell him one.

    If you know any store near here selling a C9 for $150 out of the door, please let us know. I would get a second one.
  4. I've been to your "dealer's" shop in their nice little strip mall on the edge of horse country, was not impressed with the shop or the customer service. If your willing to drive a little farther north check with, they are outside of Ft White, Fl, and work out of their home by appointment. Right now they are out of stock on the C-9 but I'm sure they will be getting more in. I took a friend of mine out to them last week and he purchased one for, $145.00, plus $5.00 for background check plus tax.
  5. Don't know about around you, but around here the price tag is usually $149.99, most places have no fee for the transfer or background check, so add around 10% tax and you're looking at less than $170. But I guess you get them where you can when you can, the gun is well worth that price but you shouldn't have to pay that much.

    They go on sale sometimes as low as $129.99.
  6. The price on them is getting high here in North/Central Florida, I was in a pawn shop in Gainesville Florida last week, they were asking $229.00 for a new C-9, $239.00 for 40 or 45 cal., they even wanted $229.00 for an HP22A

    The shop I mentioned above still holds his price.
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    You can buy a kel tec p-11 for 248
  8. The dealer close to me has c9s for 190 and I can order the 45 and have about the same amount if not less from the internet
  9. I tend to avoid pawn shops, they like to believe everything they have is made of gold.
  10. The local gun shop here said there were no C9s available.

    Plus they claimed the factory wouldn't give them a possible timetable for availability.

    I think a lot of it is just that they want to see the higher priced guns and make more profit. And don't mind lieing through their teeth to you, to do so.
  11. I still can't edit.

    They want to SELL the higher priced guns. Not SEE them...
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    Wow I paid $129 for my C9 new in the box a month or so ago.
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    NE Utah
    Hey folks...prices vary according to location, so don't get all crazy over that. Florida is simply a high priced area.

    Also, in my AO pawn shops are great, I can get a used HP pistol in any caliber for $120, new ones run $150-$190. And I have a good enough relationship with my local pawn shops that I can get a warranty on a used gun, if it doesn't work, they will let me return it. But then, I have bought more than" a few" guns from all of them.:p
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    Something my learned friends that are commenting on the price you paid seem to forget.... Prices for Hi Point weapons vary greatly from one area to another.. $219 for an operational 9mm handgun is NOT a bad price... Yes you could have paid less... Keep in mind that this weapon will literally last your buddy his life time.. and possibly the life time of the person he leaves it too once he has departed this rock we call earth.. Gotta love a lifetime warranty.. All for $200...
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    I see dealer do this and wonder if they realize folks do have computers and internet access. I can see a dealer going $160/170 on a C9 as that is a fairly common (with shipping) price. Get up in the $180/200 range with local taxes added and the internet + local transfer fee starts looking good.
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    NE Utah
    True, but some folks don't know how easy it is to buy online, and dont know about FFL's and transfers.

    Besides, if the going rate is high, chances are the transfer fees will be high as well.;)
  17. A C9 up for AUCTION. That started at 134, nd is now at 139, with almost 5 days left on the auction.

    Once the auction is won, add shipping fees, and ffl fees, etc.

    That is NOT a good example of a "135 dollar C9"...
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    I just bought my hi point c9 today.
    $149.99 cost of gun
    $25 DROS (in california)
    $1 FALD fee
    $8.99 for a cable lock (CA requires you purchase a gun lock with every handgun you buy).
    12.32 sales tax
    came to a total price of $197.30.

    For Reference:

    If I bought the c9 previously mentioned from gunbroker for
    $139 (that's a buy it now price, not bid price, by the way)
    $30 shipping (their listed shipping fee)
    FFL at my usual shooting range is $125 (not a typo, that's one hundred twenty five dollars including DROS).
    That total would be $294. There are places that do FFL cheaper, but at least $50 here in California.
  19. Whoever you bought that from, scammed you.

    The C9 comes with a free trigger lock. All Hi-Points do, as far as I know.