Death at a shooting range

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  1. Oh Man! Please keep us posted Bushman98!

  2. Holy crap!!!! Not safe anywhere!!!! That is a shame...
  3. That sucks. I hope they find out who did it.
  4. Who knows? It "may" have been a suicide, ya never know....
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    Sounds like a suicide, to me: but I wasnt there, and there are two sides to every side of every story.

    At, my city Range, there has been several there. Some despondant person who wants to rent a pistol, rents it , buys ammo, shoots, and then decides to carry out with thier wishes. Sad. Suicide aint the answer to your problems.

    I will stop there, as I have STRONG feelings on this topic.
  6. Strange, women usually go for non violent means because they don't want to disfigure themselves.

    Still sad.
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    sad and we will never know why.
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    I love how the Chron screwed up the facts
    "Had the woman attempted to buy a gun, chances are good that she would have had to wait days while a federal background check was completed, gun dealers and authorities said."
    Not true. In Texas we have instant check, she would have been able to buy the gun immediately if she checked out. BUT as a person from Sweden, it did not state whether she was a citizen or carried a green card. Green card holders Can NOT buy a handgun. Again the media is trying to make an anti-gun case out of it.
  9. The Chronical is a notoriously inaccurate and biased newspaper. Some of the stuff they print is not worthy for bird cage liners.
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    well never mind the fact that if someone wants to shoot themselves, i mean REALLY WANTS to do it.. they wont midn waiting 3 days to do it.

    so they either shoot themselves on monday, or they do it on thursday...whats the diff?

    the fact that a gun is used is a moot point.. one could jsut as easily do oneself in with a sharp kitchen knife to the throat, or throw yourself in front of a train, or a semi, or off a bridge..

    should we then ban the use of kitchen knives, trains, trucks, and bridges? stupid media.
  11. Green card holders CAN buy handguns. well i'm not sure about TX, but in PA green card holders can buy handguns. but it shouldnt matter what state it is since its federal laws. a couple of my friends are non-citizen green card holders and they own handguns. and i've gone with my one friend a couple of times when he bought his handguns. some of the places give him a hard time but he walks out with a gun
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    hmm i wonder if there is not more to this.. something just does'nt add up on this story.
  13. in the san francisco bay area maybe 10 years ago there was a large rash of gun range suicides. every range in the area had at least 1 incident. they were all able to implement a very simple safety procedure to curb it.

    when you come in to rent a gun you have to meet some requirements:

    1 - to shoot you must own your own handgun. if you own your own gun, there is no reason for you to go to the gun range to kill yourself.

    2 - If you do NOT own your own handgun, you must bring someone with you to the range to shoot with. If a despondant person has a friend or family member with them, it becomes far less likely that a suicide will be attempted.

    when i first heard the rules they seemed a bit silly. but since these rules have been in effect over the last 10 years or so, there has not been a single incident in the whole bay area. i'm not sure how many ranges that includes, but i can think of 6 off the top of my head.

    as a side note, the only good thing i can think of to come out of the insane california gun laws is that range employees are always really on the ball and in control of the place. just having moved to washington state, everything and everyone here is so much more lax about guns and range safety it freaks me out a little. i was leaving an indoor range here recently and one of the empoyees was telling the owner that they had found a new dent in one of the steel dividers that seperates shooters. they concluded that it had been caused by a rowdy bunch of kids who had been in the previous day. one of them had tried to shoot the other through the divider. they shook their head at the ridiculousness of it, but didn't seem to take it very seriously. they certainly didn't seem to think that it was something they could control or do anything about, which is ludicrous.
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    Yes I do not understand my local range. They charge 17 USD per person per hour. So if two people are shooting the same gun in the same lane it's 34 USD per hour.

    Yet they cannot afford a R.O. on the firing line. If you rent a gun same deal, except you also have to buy their ammo. So you are spending minimum of 37.00 per hour for one person. Still no R.O. on the range. The counter employees "keep an eye" on the shooters through the window.

    Asking for trouble IMO. Last time I shot I kept sensing somebody behind me. I cleared and put down my jcp muzzle downrange and turned around to find a pre teen girl jumping back and forth trying to catch my ejected brass and her dad's. Ridiculous.

    Not sure of the solution but the problem is clear. People renting guns have no business on the range by themselves. If they came in with a gun maybe, but not some person who just walks in.

    ROs' are needed anytime a range is hot.
  15. Some people and I think it's a smart idea, will rent a gun to try before laying out in some cases some rather large dollar amount to make a purchase.
    I don't think a rental should exclude anyone from the range.
  16. Unless she had gloves on she'd learn not to do that awfully quick... and you'd be banned for life from my range if you tried a stunt like that.
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    And they should be banned. Any type of horseplay can get people hurt when a gun is involved.
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    You are wrong; I have one!