Dec 21st, 2012

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  1. End of the Mayan calendar. One of the most prosperous and advanced civilizations of their time for several centuries. Think they knew something we didn't? Post and discuss.
  2. Just the end of walmart, thats the day they will figure out their holiday shopping season was a total bust.................. :shock:

  3. That is the day that the warranty runs out on my minivan, so it will be the EOTWAIKI because sure as hell the tranny will croak the next day :)
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    My calender runs out on Dec. 31 of each year.

    I get a new one.

    The Mayans had no concept of our liniear time which had a beginning or end. We have a religious concept of time being created, having a beginning and having an end, and being measured along the trip by specific events.

    Unless the earth stops orbiting the sun and spinning on its axis time will continue. There is no indication that will happen in 2012. The Mayan calender simply begins a new era.
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    Never thought that Armageddon would look so good..
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    Someone's been watching the history channel!

    PS - I saw it too ;)
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  8. Thanks for the link, never really been over there.
  9. Isn't there like some crazy theory that the world will end just about every year? It will probably be August 8th this year. I look forward to august 8th this year, and plan on writing the date as many times as I can. Caus for some reason I like writing the number 8.
  10. I figure the world will last as long as the good Lord will let it . I have never figured out why the Mayan calender stops at that date , could it be that they just got tired of putting dates on it .
    It just came to mind that I will be 62 years old and can retire !!!!
  11. I don't think its true, but it's rather interesting consider with sundials and what not they were able to calculate the length of the year to within 30 seconds.

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    This has been brought up on Coast to Coast AM quite a bit. There are several different ideas what this will be either a world flip magnetic type or just a mental thing with folks I feel with the Earth changes going on it may be a different thing altogether maybe changes in the environment to seasonal and wierd weather
  13. Yup, blame it on Global Warming................... 8)
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    I'm not saying there is end of the world, but why not live your life like it was TODAY? Im not saying spend all your money either, just live and enjoy what little time we have on this molten ball of iron. If it ended today did we go to bed angry? Did we give the little lady the wildest sex of her life tonight? If there is no tomorrow, will people remember you as a Christian?

    Better yet, if there is no Heaven or hell and no God, did you go through life feeling like you wasted it going to church? Or did you at least have a great time and find friendship in God and peace within yourself?

    There is an end to the human life but I assure you it wont be for eons. This planet will eventually get sucked into our sun's gravity, the sun will supernova and explode but we will have been long gone.
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    Judging by the "Y2K" events, I don't think it will be that bad (people-wise). Im sure alot more people were affraid of that than will be affraid of the end of the Mayan calender.

    THe economy and overall social situation was leaps and bounds better than than it is now. Hell, at the time pretty much all Americans had to talk about was what President Clinton did in the Oval Office with some intern...
    Now, however, with all the political, economic, and social turmoil we've been having I wouldn't be as suprised to see large groups of people believing that they had been leading up to some type of doomsday on Dec 21, 2012.

    I personally will likely be sitting in the house with locked doors, lots of food and ammo, gun in lap, and watching it all unfold on the news. If it gets bad enough Ill head to my grandpas as he has one of the most self-sufficient places around (generators, windmill-powered water-well, lots and lots of guns / ammo, lots of food, lots of gas, big property away from people, safe rooms, etc)
  16. I used to worry when the end of the world was coming, but then I figured, what does it matter? As long as I'm ready, it can happen tomorrow, in 2012 or 3012.

    As far as the Mayans, perhaps it was a beurocratic decision just to end the calendar at 2012. If there civilization had survived, they probably would've updated their cleandar anyway, who knows?
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    2012? the bible codes mention something about a giant comet coming close to the earth. different perspective i suppose.
  18. wasn't the myan thing not just the end of the calendar but also a very real event of eotwawki?

    total side note(zctually shooter made me think of it) did anybody hear/hear about that call on coast to cost a couple of months back where a guy was talking about how he works at a gov't R&D type center and theres this mysterious man they were calling the "G-man" that they can never actually get to meet?(keep seeing him in other rooms, etc)
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    The whole thing with the Mayans was that they (accurately) predicted an extremely rare planetary alignment with a black hole at the center of our galaxy that will occur on that day.
    Scientists aren't really sure what that odd alignment in gravity will do - some suggest a polar shift but there is no way to know what will happen - if anything.
    Odd thing is, they really shouldn't have even known there was a black hole there - but they did & were able to predict this.
    There are a few other things that make you go hmnn as well. I saw something once that indicated the I-Ching also predicted an apocalypse that same day.
    I don't personally believe it, but just in case I will be taking off that day.
    Wouldn't want to be working the day the world ended. That would suck.
  20. That brings up an interesting question.

    If you were at work and the end of the world was happening, no doubt about it, giant asteroid or something that was 100% gonna wipe us out as a species that day, what would you do?

    Rape and pillage, go to be with loved ones, hit the nearest bar, open a bar tab and get drunk as a skunk?

    I would love to hear some of your opinions to this question.