Decent ammo supplies but how about in your area?

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  1. Browning 9 Guy

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    Walmart and Academy have 22 LR in stock at least two mornings every week. This week Walmart had a big delivery of Remington Golden Bullets, both 22 LR and 22 Short. And as for 9, 40, 45, 380 -- even 45 Colt, 30 Carbine, 223, 5.56, 243, 300 Win Mag and 270, Academy's full. No more having to buy Russian / Serbian ammo that some ranges are anal about.

    And if you're a shotgun guy, you could back up a truck and buy a lifetime supply.

    But this may be a regional thing. How's ammo supplies in your area?
  2. ArmyScout

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    Here in N. Central IL, just about all ammo now available. Except 9mm and all configurations of .22 ammo. Going ammo shopping tomorrow..

  3. Here in PA you can get anything but 22lr. And .380
  4. bluebone

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    .22 and .380 are pretty much non-existent here and 9mm is scarce but i did find a bunch at Cabela's last week.
  5. I have seen shelves full of 9mm at Walmart for months now. How about we even this out and go half shelf of 9mm and 22
  6. Good over here.Except yep,.22LR.
  7. desertrider

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    LGS, chain sporting goods stores, and WM in my region of SoCal seem to have a good supply of everything except .22.

    I think I've seen .22 about three times since 2012, except at gun shows and a certain local pawn shop, where the prices have been laughable.
  8. tallbump

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    Same as others ahve said up here in NW PA. No .22 and 380 but no problem with anything else
  9. Dagwood

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    Here in new mexico, I can find just about everything. At wm its still kinda sparce. I guess you gotta getvther at the crack of dawn. But at the lgs' s and sportsmans wrhs I have had no problem finding 9mm, .45, .223, .40 even 22lr. Some places still asking premium for the 22 but if you can be there at the right time sportsmans is selling bricks of 500 for less than 25 buck.
  10. SWO1

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    For those who buy factory centerfire Our little Wal-Mart in the sticks has it all, by the box or bulk. .22 three days a week (at 7 am ) I reload centerfire and For what they get in .22 don't even go. My centerfire supplies I get in Sedalia up the road a little piece. Sierra and Starline are right next to each other and a shop in town has great variety of powder and primers. A friend of mine owns an LGS and shoots match .22 bench with me so he gets Fed UM22, All Eley and I get it for cost. He orders it with other ammo so shipping is hardly nothing. All other Match 22 I order by calling three different online suppliers. RWS, Midas. Cant find any SK or Aquila thru nobody except the HV stuff or Wolf very seldom. I shoot mainly RWS for lunch money ...... :p
  11. GoesBang

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    I always manage to find what I want when I go shopping for it.

    I was in the retail store for Graf's Reloading Supply the other day. I was there for a specific purpose (purchased 2 15-round mags for my SCCY).

    I picked up a box of Hornady Critical Defense as well. I wasn't shopping for any other ammo, but it appeared that they were amply stocked with anything I would have needed. Most likely multiple choice of brands, calibers, and bullet weights.

    It would have been nice if I had walked in with a couple of grand $$.
  12. with the exception of 22LR and 380 most everything is available now in Massachusetts. Some places have uber expensive 22LR ($12/50rnds) and 380 ($25/20rnds) but it's just sitting.
  13. Central-North Eastern Indiana here, WallyWorld has finally started getting some centerfire calibers back in, mainly the way overpriced stuff that is still there because of the cost. Some .22 comes in, sold out almost immediately of course. They did have some Stingers in for 2 whole days, again cost is the likely reason for slow sales. LGS usually has all the calibers available, but $20 for 100rds of plain jane .22 kinda slows sales down some. Meijer finally wound up with some handgun ammo after being out of stock for 2 years! .44 magnum Winchester white box at around $1 per shot.
  14. talon

    talon the banned wagon

    We have no ammo shortage anymore, with the exception of .22lr. walmart has been getting a steady supply of .22SHORT though. the only place where you can get .22LR any day, any time, is at a place called Midwest Gun Exchange which is about the size of a walmart, bad thing is, they know they are the only place with it, and you pay accordingly. Winchester 333 boxes are $38.99, 555 boxes are $49,99 and Remington ''bucket o bullets'' are $89.99 50 round boxes of remington thunder are $4.19 and federal bulk 500 is $69.99 way over priced, but, you can go in at 8 oclock in the morning, or 8 oclock at night and they always have some in stock.
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  16. undeRGRound

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    Prices are not "too bad" but it's the 8 hour round trip that sucks LOL!!!
  17. lsi1

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    what 15 round mags fit a sccy?

    I found 1kc frounds of 22 last week and bought a hundred rounds of 9mm along with a box of 12ga )) buck was a good week here in nwpa
  18. talon

    talon the banned wagon

    i could always pick some up for you, its only 35mins for me, yeah, ive seen much worse, especially at gun shows (two weeks ago at a show they were charging $7 a box for 50 rounds of Remington subsonic (AND SOLD OUT OF CASES OF IT!!!), so its definitely not the worst prices, but, still higher than it should be.
  19. Palmetto $4.99 50 rd box CCI 22lr. S&H sucks though. Wally had some Tula 9mm for $11.00 per 50 but no 22lr
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  20. 60ratrod

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    depends on what i'm looking for. .22 is more miss than hit, wally world is usually out of all pistol cals, the get a little bit in every now and then. otherwise, if i go to the lgs/sporting goods shops, there's usually what i need, well except for the ever elusive .22. .223/5.56 is almost overly abundant, 7.62x39 is findable, mostly at cabela's or lgs's/sporting goods stores. wally worlds in my area for what ever reason have stopped carrying/getting in large amounts of 30-30, which is kinda depressing