Decided to get a new pack

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  1. greg_r

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    I don’t need it, but I want it. The Helikon-Tex Urban EDC backpack. It’s a 21 liter bag, about halfway between the 15 liter sling bag I use for my gray man bag and the 29 liter day pack that I use for my get home bag that I keep in my vehicle. This bag would replace them both. Honestly, neither needs replacing, but this is a case of want, not need.

    The bag would live in my pickup truck. Being smaller than my current bag that lives there, I would by necessity need to make concessions. I will call it my just in case bag. Just in case my car breaks down, I get stuck in the snow, or maybe an impromptu fishing trip comes up. It will not be to carry my lipstick and such. (A JIC bag is typically what women carry their makeup and other women stuff in)

    Being an urban themed bag I will maybe go with a gray color, typical gray man bag, although I really like browns.

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    The brown just looks good. That's the color I go with for everything, now. Black or camo look tacticool, but brown is right there in the gray-man category.
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  3. There's a reason my two self made backpacks are brown ;) although I now have the proper 500d/1000d Woodland camo that matches my MOLLE gear, in enough quantity to make another backpack :rolleyes:
    Edit. I personally would go for the brown, on the basis that there are many more options for extra pouches or gear in the same colorway than for the gray coloring.
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  4. greg_r

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    y'all are making it hard on me. gray or green. I really like coyote, that's what I will probably do. gray just seems to fit the theme somehow.
  5. Rerun

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    With a couple of rolls of green and/or black duct tape, one can add leaf patterned stripes to the bag that can be easily removed should one need to go into the bush.

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  6. Thanks for this post Greg_R as I was thinking about getting another backpack. I was also thinking about a backpack from the "511 Tactical" company.
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    Well, I decided. I bought the coyote. I do like the coyote, and the past several bags have been coyote, except for the Hidden Woodsmen day ruck and haversack which are ranger green. A big deciding factor is that the gray was coming from Poland. Anything like the past several pieces of Helikon Tex gear I bought it would take 3 or so weeks to get here from Poland. Amazon had the coyote in stock and I get it Thursday. Just a little impatient I guess.

    I was choosing between 2 packs. The Condor Outdoors Convoy at 22 liters, and the Helikon Tex which is 21 liters. The cost was within $8 of each other. I just about went with the Condor because it had bottom lashing straps. The Helikon does not. But I really do not want to be lashing stuff to this pack, I want it to remain small. Plus I like a bucket style pack. The Condor has its 22 liters spread over 5 compartments. The Helikon is not a bucket style, but it’s 21 liters are just 2 compartments.

    Helikon Tex Urban EDC backpack.

    Condor Outdoors Convoy backpack

    And the 29 liter Outdoor Products Quest backpack that is being replaced.
  8. greg_r

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    It’s here! Very happy with it. And now that I see it face to face (do packs even have a face @CamoDeafie ?) I am even more satisfied that I went coyote. Here it is partially loaded.
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