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  1. I've decided to get rid of one of my camera sets thats just been collecting dust since I've switched to digital. I decided to trade it on craigslist for a firearm. I want a 2" revolver 38 or 357, or a 12 ga. shotgun. My wife could use the revolver for carry as she is not comfortable with an auto. I could use the 12 gauge for Home Defense. It looks as if the only two offers I've had so far is for a Keltec P32, and a Mossberg 835 ultra-mag. I'm trading a Nikon N90s with two lenses and flash. I don't know much about the Keltec. 32 cal is a little to anemic in my thinking. I live out in the boondocks and could always use the shotgun. any thoughts?
  2. While the Kel-Tec is only a .32, it is tiny. At the very short ranges you'd normally use it, I'm not sure the underpowered round is all that important. I've got the P3AT, which is the .380 version and I like how it just disappears when I carry it. Mine has been flawlessly dependable through about 600 rounds. The .32 holds one more round, locks open after the last shot, and is considered the more dependable of the two.

    Whether it's right for you, only you can decide. Hope I've helped.

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    First off, KEEP those N90 lenses!!! Any digital SLR Nikon frame will accept N-series sized coupllings, even the new EOS digitals from Cannon. No sense getting rid of good optics in the name of innovation.

    As far as firearms go, it really depends on what you're willing to find to trade up for. With DSLR's becomming far more versatile, even I have given up my Cannon. Finding someone interested in a film SLR will probably be in the arts field, and won't be the firearms type. Also, if it's on craigslist and there is ANY mention in the ad for a trade for a firearm, expect the ad to be flagged and pulled very fast. The webmasters have expressed that they don't want their site to be used for firearms transactions and there are alot of "Post Nazis" on Craigslist. Don't get me wrong: I love the site and have myself seen tons of firearms posts on there, but they usually get pulled within an hour of posting here in Arizona.

    I honestly think you'd fare better selling it for cash or posting its sale at local colleges or arts schools, and then taking the cash to your local arms vendor. You will probably get more for your money and the ability to choose whichever fits your needs.

    And for my .02, a .38 spcl and .32 are great rounds depending on your application. I've mostly seen those as personal defence rounds (less than 25 meters) and both prove their worth. They're not going to tag someone from down the block, but they fit their application well .
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    Well...thats too bad, deciding to let go the camera equipment for a firearm...but when you think about it: You are trading one sight view for another (not sounding to sound pat, or any of that)
    Depending on how fast you need the money, I MAY be interested in the Nikon and gear...
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    Keep in mind some of the lenses from the N90s era are barely compatible. Unless you bought the ED lenses, which were on the high-end- you are going to have to live with some issues. Particularly the G lenses sucked, and even the D series has some vignetting problems with the smaller chip.
    35mm film is roughly 1"x1.5" while the digital sensor for Nikons is much smaller, and you will have a reciprocity factor of 1.5x to compensate for.
    Canons are a different story. #1, you cannot easily put a Nikon lens on a Canon #2 they don't talk to each other and the dSLR won't understand and flash an "E-E-E-E-E" or knock you into Manual mode with no manual controls.

    Nowadays (especially since August) prices have come down considerably, and you can get decent lenses for your dSLR that are made for digital at really good deals- after Xmas it will be even cheaper.

    If you have some ED lenses (prime lenses, not zoom) keep them. otherwise you will get a better price for the package.

    Let me know what you are looking for and I can send you some more info.