Defense ammo for the 995TS

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by Darren56, Feb 11, 2017.

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    Just curious, what kind of defense ammo do you guys use? I've shot a few hundred rounds of range ammo through my new 995TS, and I've shot maybe 20 or 30 hollow points. Everything that I've shot has been 115 grain. Just looking for a good defense ammo that cycles well, and wondering what some of you are using. This would be for home defense.

  2. I keep mine topped up with Federal Guard Dog when it's at home.

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    Don't know how they would perform in the carbine, but Hornady makes an 135 grain with the xtp bullet. Seems it would be suited to carbine length barrel. Some one more knowledgeable on ballistics could help.
  4. PapaMAS

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    Federal Hydra-Shock 124gr works best in mine.
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    I know there's better performing SD ammo but I always keep a stockpile of PPU 147 & 158 gr. hollow points on hand. A box of 50 usually runs $15 -$18 off the shelf so they're cheap enough to shoot on a regular basis.

    At less than 7 yards there's probably no difference in accuracy, but the PPU is cheap enough to dial in and shoot on a regular basis. I can't afford to shoot ammo that's a buck a round in volume, and I've shot enough PPU to know it's 100% reliable.

    For handguns I've had good results from Fed. HydraShock, Speer Gold Dots and Hornady CD. There's been a lot of discussion about lighter weight SD bullets being pushed too fast thru carbine length barrels but I've not seen any actual ballistics gel tests to show if that's true. I still prefer the heavier bullets as they perform well out to 25 yards.
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    Anything that works 100% of the time. Being honest, I'm sure even the "white box" hollow points would open up if you pushed them from a rifle.
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    I settled on one round for my 9mm pistols and the 995TS Carbines.
    Hornady Critical Duty 135gr with their FTX bullet. It has passed the FBI testing. It feeds 100% of the time in all the 9mm weapons I own and carry with. If I ever have to use it against any foe, I want it to be one FBI approved and can state so in court. I never intend to ever carry one of the hyped up glamour rounds we so often see advertised. Just me.
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    Just one round? We will have to start calling you Barney Fife.
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    Better than ole Jeb who doesn't know there is anything better than a smooth bore. :D:D
  11. I look for +P ammo. For practice rounds, I have Aguila 9MM+P 115 FMJ. For defense rounds, I leans toward Federal LE 115 +P JHP, Federal LE 115 +P+ JHP and Hornady American Gunner 9mm Luger +P 124 XTP JHP.
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    This has got me thinking, I really need to set down and decide upon a home defense round. I'm following this one closely.

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    Non bonded stuff in 115 may separate the Remington 100rd bulk pack does. Like I give a poot. If it goes in it will rip up some meat. I have some of the "ill fated" Silvertip" Winchester in 2 mag holders on my favorite 995TS. Geco looks like a good'n too. For HD I usually have my G19 with Hornady American Gunner +P, Federal HST. I live in a trailer! The 995 is packed away.
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    I just wanna know what is the CHEAPEST, (2 or 3) and then look for some good gel tests, and buy at least a case of it... :D ;) :D
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    Of course I know there is something better than a smooth bore.

    There is a rough boar. :)

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    Problem is it is hard, if not impossible, to find gel tests using a carbine....totally different results than from a pistol like the ammo was designed for.
  17. missiledefender

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    I still think that the "green" or "white box" El Cheapo' bullets are okay for your average needs. Maybe use the "killer commando", +p+, depleted uranium, thermo nuclear, HIV infused bullets in the first mag...after that ball and "green" or "white box" hollow points.

    Check out this youtube video. Kinda proves the point. The 9mm 147 white box, penetrates deeply and fully expanded.


    I just don't think that you HAVE to spend...what?...a buck and a quarter, buck and a half for a "killer commando" bullet.

    Army Criminal Investigations Divisions use "Gold Dots", CIDs pretty happy with the performance. Just carry what your "local" coppers carry. OR watch a bunch of cool youtube vids. I dig the "gel test" vids.

    It's not "perfect" for replicating a person because its not the tougher, muscle and bone but more of the soft...squishier parts, at 46....there's more "squishier" parts than the others SO, it's a perfect replicant for shooting ME.....just sayin.
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    Now ya got it. Then, there is the rifled boar. :rofl:

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    That's the ones coated in KC Masterpiece? I prefer the ones coated in Carolina Gold :p
  20. 3Js

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    Winchester white box 9mm 147 gr. JHP.
    It's what I use. Readily available at Wally's.