Definitions - Part 11: Breath Control

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    Definitions - Part 11: Breath Control

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    That article reminds me of when I had my first opportunity to work with a real professional, and he told me I was holding my breath too long. It was cold enough out that he could see the delay in my exhalations just from the vapor release when I finally exhaled.

    It also coincides with taking too long to make a shot. When we're new to shooting, we have a tendency to take to long to make shots because we're spending a lot of time trying to keep the trigger press clean. That leads to tremors, too, and it is something that I talk about with new shooters when I help them.
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    I tell my Joe's and Josephine's at the range: Get a big lung full, fill your chest, press the trigger. Consistent amount of air in the lungs. If you start doing the "figure 8/infinity symbol" with your muzzle, drop the weapon to "low ready", exhale.
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