Definition Series - Part 12: "Hold Control"
by Kirk Lawson

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It is clear that the the most accurate shooting happens when the gun is held perfectly still during the activity of shooting. While it is impossible to hold the gun perfectly still without the use of special rest, Hold Control is the process of holding gun as still as possible while shooting.

A proper grip and a proper shooting platform, often a "stance," are required for best Hold Control. While we we look at proper grips later, we've already spent some time looking at a few of the different "stances."

Physical fitness can also contribute to good Hold Control. If the body is conditioned so that the muscles of the arms and body core are fit to comfortably hold the gun, minimizing the guns movement in relation to the target, called Arc of Movement, will be easier. It is also important for the shooter to know when and how to give their muscles a rest. While the mythic Atlas could hold the world upon his shoulder, mere humans get tired and tired muscles will tremor and tremble, which does not contribute to accurate shooting.