Definition Series - Part 15: "Post-Travel"
by Kirk Lawson

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As we have seen, the mechanics of the trigger pull are very important for accurate shooting and shooting comfort. Another element of the trigger stroke which is commonly discussed by experts, aficionados, and wannabes is Post-travel.

Post-travel is the period of a trigger stroke, immediately following the Trigger Break in which the trigger can still be pulled rearward. The shot has already been fired, but the trigger can still be pulled more. Many shooters feel that Post-travel is wasted effort, wasted movement, and costs valuable time which could be better used for making fast and accurate follow-up shots. Post-travel is to be avoided if possible. Like Pre-travel, Some triggers have adjustments which can be made to reduce Post-travel. Again, like Pre-travel gunsmiths were often employed to make custom adjustments to triggers reducing Post-travel.