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    Oh yeah sorry... Grand Meadow, MN
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    i wish i was closer i would make an offer on the guns but i like the pistol over the others except for maybe the wasr.
  4. Jettster

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    Too bad I'm in Baltimore!
  5. DRoCk

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    Yeah, I'm not completely opposed to shipping, but it will be really hard for me. I don't like the gun shops that are closest to me, the one I would use is a good 1-2 hour round trip. Keep checking though, if no one can do a face to face, I may get more inclined to ship as I would really like to sell.
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    From what i know you don't need to use a gun shop or FFL to ship, it just has to be shipped to a FFL. Although some FFL dealers won't accept from private sellers, but some will. The buyer should check with their FFL. What's the price for the wasr?
  7. Mike_AZ

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    Depends, some states require you to ship from an FFL as well.
  8. DRoCk

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    I am thinking $275 for the WASR and $180 for the SKS. I'll check into shipping rules here in MN in the next few days.
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    hp4lyfe, reply sent to PM
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    WASR is sold pending funds etc. SKS is still for sale!
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    Both rifles are sold pending funds.
  12. How bout that KG? Got a AR now, no need for a 9 :)
  13. DRoCk

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    Sorry, the Tec 9 stays...