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  1. I've got 400 rounds of Wolf 7.62x39 sitting on my shelf collecting dust. I can't afford a SKS so I'm looking to trade for either 7.62x54R or 9mm.

    As I don't want to deal with any possible shipping issues, I'm looking for a local trade, somewhere in the Twin Cities.

    PM if interested.

  2. I wish I was back in Minnesota right now, I'd definately get that off your hands...

    That's right, I am LONG overdue a trip to see my Sister that lives in Detroit Lakes.... Hmm... pass through the twin cities on the way, pick up some x39 and call it a a day!!

    Good luck on finding a trade, you shouldn't have a problem.

  3. GlockMan

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    I would do the trade with you but shipping cost would be a issue, P/M me if you wish to proceed.