Dents in .380 auto shells

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    I was cleaning my shells and noticed that there were some with dents, others had smaller marks and dents in the same area of the shell, and nothing on others. I have never seen this on the other caliber [9mm] I reload. The pistols are S & W Bodyguard AND Ruger LCP. I reloaded using New Shells to make sure it was not from old ones i picked up at the range. Each made similar marks on the shells. Then I kept the shells separate to see which pistol was making the dent. Anyone have any guesses on what is making this dent? The picture is of two of the heavy dented ones just to have a good picture.

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    Crud or a burr in the chamber of the LCP?

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    Here's my guess.

    It's an indentation from hitting flat on the slide over top the extractor claw.

    As the extractor pulls the case out and the ejector levers it to the side, the case gets chucked out the ejection port, flipping end-over-end, so that the case pivots during ejections and slaps flat on the side of the slide right on top of the extractor claw. Because the extractor claw is now "empty" it is not laying flat to the slide and the rear end of the extractor claw is protruding very slightly out from the plane of the slide. The case slams into this raised spot and gets dented. I had something similar to this happening to my favorite CZ52. The extracted cases were literally chewing the duracoat finish off of my slide right behind the extractor. I had the smith put on a "striker surface" of some sort of harder, more durable, epoxy at that spot.

    Clearly these dents are occurring after firing or the dent would be pushed out by the internal case pressure. Because it's happening to both the Bodyguard and the LCP, I'm not seeing a single faulty gun or a gun with a chamber issue.

    Anyway, that's just a guess. And probably wrong to boot.

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    My .45 acp does the EXACT SAME THING. Even in the same place. NO PROBLEM. If you reload as I do they iron out ALMOST in a full length sizing. Wont hurt a thing. They are hitting on the edge of the ejection port. My 45 chucks them out at about 2-2:30, with force, about 7' away. Lots of autos do it. Dont see to much on the PINKY calibers but I have seen a couple of guns in the lower calibers do it. As long as they are EJECTING OK no need to try and tune the extractor.

    I will add to what iklawson said about the wear on his slide. ALL my guns are STEEL so no problem. Some other metal MAY not take the whacks.
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    I will have to agree it is happening when the ejector is kicking the brass back and hitting either the slide or some other part of the slide
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    My new CCW gun, a Para 12-45 leaves me with dented shells.....from my forehead lol
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    Thanks Guys for the help. I think looking by the extractor i do see where they might be hitting, have not put that many rounds through it to see more wear. was going to try to take a slow motion video to see for sure, just might be a few days due to the weather and making time will post and let you all know Thanks
  8. That should tell you what you need to know. Do it from different angles too.