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    Sorry to offload this onto you guys but I feel like we're family. What do you do when you're totally down in the dumps? Being a lawyer doesn't help. The nature of work can run you into the ground.
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    NE Utah
    I try to do something constructive, or something I am good at.

    Load some ammo, or check over some of the guns in the collection, wipe 'em down, lube 'em up.

    Check everything on all the cars, fluids, air, etc. and maybe wash 'em.

    Wash Dishes...My wife loves that, because I hate doing it...but it makes her happy, which is good for me...if you know what I mean.:p

    Plan the get-away you want to do this spring, or summer. A quick cheap one, so it doesn't cause MORE down-in-the-dumps due to costs...:rolleyes:
    Like to go play some different golf course, stay in some neat hotel or campground, or just do a road trip into the mountains.

    Play Frisbee Golf on the Wii and whip my 18 year old at it. (its about the only game I can beat him at:rolleyes:)

    Look through the old picture albums and scrapbooks. Good times!

    Cook something a little special or different. Home made cinnamon rolls, or smoke some salt (gonna do that this weekend, thinking cheap but cool Christmas gift!)

    Play some of my favorite music, LOUD!

    Watch the high light video from one of the championship years.

    Make a list of things that are really NOT the suck in my life. The people, the stuff, the memories, the abilities, the things I enjoy, that I want to do, or have done. Things I really appreciate, and things I just "like" for no good reason.

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    Best I can say is take the time to go do something you enjoy - make yourself do it. I go shooting, drive my Jeep with the radio up (and top off if its warm enough). Try to do anything but sit and allow yourself to think negative thoughts. If you need to vent, send me a message - sometimes its good to simply write out the negative thoughts.

    I dont know what its like being a lawyer, but I am sure we can all relate in some fashion. We all have our own issues with our chosen professions.

    Remember this too shall pass.
  4. ever since i got a desk job, i find amazing satisfaction in manly out doors things. Chopping wood, digging a ditch, building things, using tools. hitting a heavy bag.

    I no its not that easy

    My wife suffers from depression a lot, and we have had a real rough couple of years since our children were born. I tell her all the time just get up and be happy, and it took me a long time to understand that it just doesn't work like that with depression. But i do know the wost things seem to be to let her sit and do NOTHING.

    that being said i will give her alone time, time away from the kids to do a hobby or watch her favorite shows. but sitting and doing NOTHING or sleeping is the worst.

    Good luck i hope you feel better, the mind is a scary thing.
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    I actually head over to the FD and hang out on the apparatus floor. The smell of diesel and the high octane fuel we run in our saws and small pumps take me back to the days of bad-assery booting in doors and crawling through flashovers.
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    Think of it as a message that you need to be taking care of yourself. Walk. Exercise. Make a point of doing at least three deliberately pleasant things per day. Do something unexpected and kind for someone and enjoy the reaction. And don't beat yourself up for being down. Treat yourself with the same sympathy and care you'd provide to a loved one in the same position. If it doesn't let up after a couple of weeks maybe time to see a psychologist. Wishing the best for you.
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    I'm gonna put this out there, and I don't want anyone to get the idea I'm preaching at all......
    Had a trouble call waiting on me when I got here yesterday afternoon, which already had me on the bad side of moods..... I get there, and I'm greeted by a woman and her two daughters. The moms roughly my age, her girls are 8-10 years old, cute as buttons..... After checking all our stuff were responsible for, I've got zero problems.... After talking to the woman again, I went inside and checked their breaker panel, which technically I'm not supposed to do, but it was pretty apparent they didn't have a lot of money.... It checked out ok, so I'm stuck telling her she's going to have to get an electrician. She pretty much acknowledges that, and she asks me if I've been saved or not..... After convincing her I have been, I realize she's more worried about the state of my salvation, than worrying about what could be a big electrical bill..... After they thanked me for what I was able to do, I had to go run more calls.....
    Weighed pretty heavy on me all day, and I had trouble sleeping, thinking about it.... Talked to my wife, and she said what I was thinking. Went to the bank this morning to grab some cash to help with the ladies electrician bill..... Just had one of those moments where I felt almost compelled to do something. So i stopped by this morning, and she'd gotten lucky, the electrician hadn't gouged them, and was a relatively easy fix.... About 30$ more than the cash I'd grabbed to help her.... And again, since she now knew I had been saved, she was wanted to make sure I was working on spreading the Word to people at work..... I told her I try at times...... Told her I did believe that God put people in other people's lives when they needed it, and I felt that I was out there to help her..... Wish now I would have done more, but I know at least for a short time, I felt my faith move me, and hope it helped strengthen hers......
    Sorry for a really long preachy story..... But this has sat really heavy on my heart the last few days..... I'm not saying this stuff for pats on the back, or accolades..... I was just glad to feel that pull to do something for someone else who genuinely needed it, and needed to see their faith rewarded.
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    Shoulda added what was relevant to this thread. After all of this happening, I feel a lot of what I'd call malaise and general grumpiness, not weighing on me like it has for a while now
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    Seasonal Affective Disorder is real. My father had it really bad. Ruined every Christmas. I hate Merle Haggard to this day for that song, "If we make it through December." :mad: Would put him in a real funk.

    Look up SAD and there are some useful strategies in dealing with it.
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    Yes it is..... My wife deals with it at times
  12. I find getting laid works, but I am a tad different from most.
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    No...... That works pretty good chief!
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    Almost everyone feels sad or down from time to time, and that is a passing condition which alternatives like exercise, travel, hobbies, or other "distractions" can help alleviate. The holidays seem to be particularly stressful, when our expectations of that perfect Christmas are tempered by the reality of what actually transpires.

    Clinical depression is a serious issue, though, and can arise from either or both medical or psychological issues, and very likely can't be self-managed or needs therapy and/or medication, and certainly the help of a trained professional.

    If you have feelings of despair, hopelessness, or certainly suicidal impulses, go see your doctor. He or she can prescribe some medication(s) that will help, and will also be able to recommend a therapist if needed.

    Good luck!
  15. Obviously you felt it is bad enough to open up about it here. See a doctor. Maybe you need counseling or medications. Don't treat it lightly. It can become debilitating as any disease.
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    I would stay away from meds unless it is an absolute last resort. States are putting people on psych meds on the no guns allowed list...

    Being in pain 24/7/365 I fight depression at times, it wears you down and this time of year doesn't help much. I find setting 1 or 2 projects a day to get done helps a lot because thinking about other things takes your mind off the problems. Getting outside is really helpful. I can go sit in the woods with the 22lr for 2-3 hours and wait for squirrels and really unwind from things. Still fighting medical stuff from the car accident last year and it has really put a crimp on my budget so money has been a fight. Getting away from my desk and the piles of paperwork that go with suing someone who caused the above accident is key. And get away from the TV and the news.
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    Depends on the state and in order to lose your gun rights you need to have been through the legal system and declared unfit by a judge. You can place yourself in a hospital for depression and such and not worry about it. Hell I've been on them for years. If in doubt take a psyc test. If your bat **** crazy you should have a gun. Depression is not crazy. If I can pass the test you all can except for underdog cause he isn't real smart.:p I had to take the test after my car accident. Now issues with crazy. Little disappointed in that. Get help its out there hell you reached out to us so you still want help take the next step. If you want PM Evil and she will help find someone in your area.
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    You are a good guy. Thanks for sharing that.
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    I build things.

    Stressing out over the MCAT and med school has been taking a toll on me - so I built a mosin Nagant crate coffee table. For some reason the 10,000 layers of shellac and BLO I applied French polishing a stand I built for it was incredibly therapeutic.

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    You beat me to that warning. "Depression" is a loaded and overused label that is a convenient buzzword to push meds and deprive people of their gun rights. Life is a struggle, and it wears you down. That's reality. Everyday living is a mix of good and bad.

    My problem is being without a companion since my wife died in 2008. I thank the Lord for some loyal and excellent friends, but single life ain't easy. LIke many of you have said, do something fulfilling. For me, that might mean exercise or a day trip. I really like dogs, so that's another way to put a smile on my face. Baseball is another escape.

    Ultimately, I'm a rotten, depraved sinner who deserves a one-way ticket to hell. Knowing that a sinless and innocent Jesus Christ died a painful death on the cross for my sins is as it good as it gets to dealing with what some call "depression".