Desert Eagle 50 AE

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  1. i'm looking into getting a new toy. i'm thinking about getting the Desert Eagle 50 AE. any opinions or personal experience with this handgun?

    i've also narrowed my list down to
    - desert eagle
    - beretta 92fs
    - springfield xd

    i'm really leaning towards the desert eagle. what do you guys think?
  2. I hope your into reloading cause .50 ammo is high dollar !!! Also you could buy two XD's for the price of the deagle. Jus my .02 cents

  3. They are a hoot! I shot Primals all the time, and it was fun. If you plan to shoot alot and are on a budget, then you'll want to reload, but if you wanna throw a box of shells down range a couple times a month then don't worry about it. If your looking for a cool show off toy that packs a punch, you're looking at the right one. Other big bore options are the Super Redhawk in 454, which will also fire the .45long colt, which is a really nice option for when you want to shoot cheaper, lesser powered rounds. Then there's the Alaskan, which is the same weapon, but with a much shorter barrel, makes for a cool flame and loooots of kick and muzzle flip. Then there's always the S&W 500.
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    I shot a DE 50 the other day at the range and its a hoot but I would prob get a beretta 92fs just because I have always wanted one. My purchasing is more geared towards what I need for CCW now but everything you named is on the eventually list.
  5. Oh I forgot to mention, you can get an AR chambered in the nasty powerful .50 beowulf cartridge for at or under 1 grand.
  6. If you do buy the Desert Eagle in .50AE and DON'T reload your own, I'll buy your brass from you.

    Other than that, check out my thread "Success" in the Caliber Zone about my experience in reloading for my DE. It's a great time. Still working out some kinks, but it's a learning process.

    I also went here to find some other reloading tips... They have some good information as well about other aspects of the gun itself too.

    Also found this on youtube...

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    My buddy owns a Deagle...think he said he paid $1300 for it out the door for the silver one with a heavy duty metal case for it...that day he dropped $30 for 20 whole rounds of the ammo...of course he saved the brass, as he plans to get into reloading after he leaves the Army...
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    I know where you can have a real real nice M1 built for $1315.00 with shipping.. :wink:
  9. I have been wanting a big bore pistol myself but yesterday, I went to one of my local gun shops and they had a very very nice rearsenaled M1 Garand for 900 dollars. Newish stock, reparked, national match barrel, etc. Not an original war relic but still a real Garand.

    Awfully tempting to say the least.
  10. i dont plan on reloading. i'll just give you the brass
  11. Get the all chrome or the gold one :).
  12. if you do decide to get it, i would like the all chrome one
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    Hunting Shack (HSM) ammo is $40 for a 50rd box of 50AE. And Hornady I believe it was, has 20rd box of 50AE for $25. Everybody else is like $30-$35 for a 20rd box of 50AE.
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    Hey can I get in on this free brass? I need some to feed my AMT Automag V. I'll pay for shipping of course. :)

  15. i havnt decided on getting the desert eagle yet but if i do i dont mind sharing the brass
  16. I'll pay for shipping too of course, just let me know when you have a hundred or so rounds for me and I'll pay pal ya...
  17. lolz hahaha nice vids, i love the second vid
  18. No, get the Gold one with tiger stripes...


    They have one at Bachman Guns in Dallas-- been there for a LONG TIME---

    For good reason I figure...