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    I am adding roughly 3 pages to my eBook, The Cheapskate's Guide to Gun Cleaning and Maintenance.

    The material is an expansion of the desiccants information which includes 6 new desiccant materials, raising the total from 1 to 7. The material covers what the desiccants are, how to acquire them for free or on the cheap, how to use them, and how to "recharge" them as well as some "a word of caution" information about each.

    The material is written and I am in the process updating the full text. I just have a pic which I want to add then I will "republish." I'll have to check, but I think I must request a new ISBN and restart it as a new product. I may be able to list it as an Addendum at the end of the book and keep the same ISBN.

    If you purchased the "commercial" version of this eBook from, please PM me and I will PM the new material to you so that you don't have to purchase anew to get this information. For verification, in the PM, tell me what I used to demonstrate cleaning a semi-auto handgun.

    Truthfully, my rough estimation is that this information could save you as much as $25 or $30 over purchasing commercial products so it's worth it to PM me if you have already purchased or, if not, this information alone is worth more than the cost of the eBook. (just a little capitalistic plug ;))

    Peace favor your sword,
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    The updates have been made. The new material is now available in both the print version and the ePub version on Lulu.

    Again, if you have purchased a copy from Lulu previously, PM me (as above) and I will reply with the new material. It's good stuff. :)

    Peace favor your sword,