Dick Proenneke

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  1. I had seen this short film about a year ago, and thought it was really a cool concept. While perusing another forum I came across a link to it, and just watched it again. It is a hour long video about a man named Dick Proenneke who at the age of 51 moved to Alaska from Iowa, and lived self sufficently for over 30 years. If you have some time to kill, and want to watch something truely educational check it out.....

  2. Great link, will have to check it out. Was on PBS the other day I and I missed it. Thanks.

  3. I saw this on PBS and am a proud owner of the DVD. One of the best documentaries I have ever seen. Great post!!!
  4. Need to check this out when I get on the faster PC. Thanks!!!
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    Watched it over the past couple of days. Really good documentary. That man was tough to survive 35 years in the wilderness. I question whether I have the same resolve or ability.
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    I first saw the video about 5 years ago on PBS, what a great show and a great man.

    Dick Proenneke was a deisel mechanic and had some kind of accident that made him decide to go au natural as it were.

    Here's a Wiki-link...


    Watching him build his own house and make everything for himself has really driven me to try to become more self sufficient in my daily life. I am far from where he was, but am a lot closer than before I saw his story.

    A truly great man.
  7. Great video, also checked out a few more. It reminded me a lot of growing up in Carolina and the amount of time mt brother and I spent roaming the woods. Sometimes, I really miss it.