Did anyone else go shooting today?

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  1. if this is the wrong forum a mod may please move it. I view all range time as training, even if it is solely for fun.

    I took the grandsons Savage Cub Mini Youth single shot .22 out to the front woods tonight. Don't know how many rounds I shot, 150 maybe.

    The rifle has a peep sight and measures barely legal in relation to OAL and barrel length. But dang it is a shooter. I was able to hit three inch spinners regularly at a little over fifty yards, even with my old eyes.

    Lots of fun.

    All the ammo was the over priced SG stuff I bought few weeks ago. Good ammo it is. Reliable and accurate. If I had another 2 beans to waste I'd do it again. It really is good ammo. Way better than anything .22 flavored from Remington. Seems as accurate as some high dollar target SK and Wolf ammo I have.

    So did you shoot today?
  2. I went up front and shot yesterday; me and two of my boys shot a .45 and .22. I have a small arms range set up with targets and steel plates. The kids have a blast. The 1o year old hit more plates with the .22 than his 18 year old brother did the with .45. All shooting is training of some sort,

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    I shot Friday. My buddy has some nice hi powered airguns. I know one is a Marauder, forget what the other 2 were. Both single shot spring powered ones. We were plinking cans for quite a while.

    Then he brought out the .22s. A few Marlin tube fed semis. Those things are nice. He also has an on Boy Scout Marlin. It was a semi auto, with a peep sight and a fold down front "pistol" grip. It was so accurate and cool. Also brought out a few shotguns. My friend's son actually won a single shot 20 gauge from his school...in NY. I'm sure Bloomberg would love to hear about that LOL

    Then we brought out the tanarite and the fun really started :D
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    I shot all day yesterday... Decided to shake the dust out of my hp 9 mm & 45 pistols, my SA XD 9, my AK and my mosin. Started at 10 yards with the pistols and worked my way out to 300 with the mosin.

    200 rounds of 9 mm
    100 rounds of .45
    300 rounds of 7.62x39
    250 rounds of 7.62x54r

    Say what you want want about the mosin's but I was ringing a 10" ar-500 bulls eye all day long. Even nailed a 2" gong from 175 yards, a half dozen times. I painted the little gong florescent yellow, so I could see the damn thing. Last shot of the day with the Mosin, out at 300 yards and was kind of guessing on the elevation I needed. Could barely see the little gong and I aimed just a smidge too high and sliced the chain in half. When I got up to the targets, all I could do was smile.

    I was out there by myself and it was quite enjoyable.

    Also got to work out the kinks in the Mahan sights I put on both my hp's. Worth every freaking penny!

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    Sadly, I did not get to go shooting this holiday weekend. I wanted too, but the wife had other plans. I'll make up for it sometime this week. Still had a great weekend.
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    I was unable to shoot this week!
    I hope & pray there will be more weekends like this one?
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    Got out today indeed. 200 9mm with Springfield XDM, 100 9x18 with Baikal IJ-70, and 250 .22LR with Ruger 22/45 and 10/22.

    Had to get out for what will probably be my last outing for the next three weeks or so. Having surgery on lumbar spine on Friday to take out a cyst that's causing debilitating pain. Sucks but at least it's fixable ;)
  8. Dagwood

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    Good luck steve, surgury sucks, but chronic pain sucks worse. Hope all goes well
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    Friday the Grandkids were gone for the weekend so I went to my 50 yard benches and shot 3 boxes of .22 LR thru the old Sears Ranger ( Marlin 80) 1939 vintage. 25 rounds of CCI Blazer, CCI SV, and Armscor Percision at 25 yards and then again at 50 yards.

    At 25 The Armscor shot terrible ( has shot good before). The Blazers and SVs were both good with the SV getting the edge.

    At 50 the Armscor continued to be BAD, and the SV beat the breaks off the Blazers.

    The gun is my vintage Sporter I shoot at 25 yards. It LOVES Lapua Midas +, but I save those for Matches.

    This is me and my Old Girl. I was testing 3 flavors of Eley, Target, Match and Tenex. Dosnt like any of it !!

    That was my 4th Fireworks for the Year ....... :p

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    NE Utah
    Pretty sure that would be a Mossberg.;)

    Something like this, but with a peep sight?

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    Last two days where great!
    Took my son ,his girl friend ,and a friend trap shooting yesterday. It was the girls first time shooting anything. It was a day to remember.
    Today went with a long time friend to his club.
    Did target shooting all day...Spent a bunch of rounds that I will never miss..
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    Yes, that's it. That think was awesome. Shot great. :D
  13. Went to the Moose Lodge range yesterday here in Knoxville. It was a great afternoon.

    I shot the Model 60, Ruger 22-45, Savage MkII, WASR, C9m, JCP .40, and 995 TS. First time in ages I had all three Hi Points out at the same time. I probably put about 50 rounds through each of the Hi Points. They shot reliably. No failures from any of them.

    Kind of funny but Hi Points at the range always draw remarks, mostly playful jabs from my buddies. But they also know that they are good firearms, one guy owns several too. But there was a guy there not in our group and he made some comment about my ghetto ass looking C9, which btw ran flawlessly. I noticed he was trying to shoot a Kimber 1911. Well that thing was a jam-o-matic. LMAO.

    I don't do much target or bullseye shooting, minute of man is what I practice or simple plinking. One buddy always brings a bunch of cans to shoot. I usually bring clay pidgeons to put on the berms at various distances. I love going after the pieces of clays after they are initially busted up. There are hundreds of little targets to shoot at that point, it is a lot of fun. I did shoot the scoped MKII at normal little splatter targets, it was a tack driver as always. And it is awesome fun for shooting the little pieces of busted clays.

    One of our crew brought his Chink SKS. It was still oozzing cosmoline once it heated up. That stuff smells bad, LOL. But it was a sweet shooting rifle with a great two stage trigger. With some concentration I could get three pulls of the trigger before it went off. That is what I look for in a good rifle. Got to have two pulls for it to go bang to be accurate but getting three is a sign that it could be a very accurate rifle. Very fun to shoot.

    Only ran one thirty round mag through the WASR, I always take it to the range, every trip. Still able to hit at 100 yards with it. And that is the purpose of always taking it.

    It was an awesome day. And came to home to man the grill to make these beauties.


    It does not get much better than yesterday.
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    So let's see - head to Knox County, follow the smells, and I'll find your house. Sound right? That looks good enough to make the trip worthwhile.

    I got out to shoot for a little while yesterday, first time since the surgery 10 days ago. Only handgun for me, about 100 rounds of 9mm and 100 rounds of .22, but still fun. Had a buddy to do the driving and lifting, and he got to fire a dozen or so out of my Yugo 24/47 Mauser. I'll see what my surgeon says on Thursday about shooting long guns again. Good day, though it didn't end in Chromehorn style!
  15. double tap
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  16. that is the ticket on most any Sunday :D
  17. bws

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    hp .45 pistol, first image

    second & third images hp comp c9.

    both have mahan sights and I only had to do minor tweaks. The targets were 10 yards away from where I was firing. I'm quite pleased.

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    I shoot almost every day usually about 200 rounds of either 9,40 357 sig, or 22's I spend each visit with usually just one firearm. Rolling your own ammo helps, never shot that much when buying new ammo.