Did my Re-Blue at last.

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    Well I did it: against everyone’s advice and my best judgment, I cold blued my 28 year old shotgun. The barrel had a large spot of rust and a line of rust about 10 inches long under the stock, so something needed to be done. I spent about 3 hours polishing the metal to a mirror finish then used Birchwood Casey Super Blue to color it. You know what? Surprisingly it came out good, not great but good. The finish is not quite as dark as the factory blue on my Ruger, but I was able to get a nice even coat without streaking the finish. I think I’ll re-blue the barrel on my Hi-Point now.
  2. Is that the cold blue stuff from walmart in the blue bottle? have thought about it a few times.

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    No, it is the one from Big5 in the blue bottle :wink: . But make sure you buy Super Blue not Perma Blue. The Perma Blue doesn't come out dark enough. Also for any Re-Blue cold or hot be sure to polish the metal to a crome like shine first.
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    ok where are the photos? :wink:
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    Perma-Blue sucks, stay away from it!
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    This is my shot gun, and C9 barrels:

  7. ohh god....more feet.....I'm leaving now

    jk :lol:

    Looks like it turned out pretty good. I NEED to restore my old remington 550-1