Did Obama...

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  1. Thanks for the link to Snopes.com, that was informative.

    Just a reminder guys, the Lounge is not the Free Fire Zone, so politically motivated topics aren't allowed here for the purpose of arguement. We have allowed the "President" thread as it's a serious issue for gun owners and gun related topics. As long as these topics don't get out of hand and any political topic that is discussed is related to gun ownership and the future of our sport it will be allowed. Once it gets out of hand then it's getting shut down.

    Just a friendly reminder, feel free to post!!!

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    Oh! Primal flashing the B**ch Be Good stick again. :shock:

    As for the quote...its nice to know he didn't really say that. :D
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    +1 to Primal for being a ... well... Primal... and That's good to know that the next presiden of these here united states didn't have that slip of the tongue...

  4. See ya gun_nuts, cant say its been nice to know you.