Did some work to the 45

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  1. I did not care for the blacked out look of the 45 so I changed out the grips and hit it with some white paint. First time I've ever dripped paint into letters like this. not bad for a first timer.




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    Looks nice..exactly how it should look.

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    Good Work, D_R_D!!!
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    Nicely done!
  5. cicpup

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    Pretty easy wasn't it?
  6. MachoMelvin

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    Now, all you need a Joey Keychain & you have her done?

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    How did you do the lettering ?? Dripped paint on the letters then what ??
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    It looks really good. That's a pretty fun project to do. I agree with Mel, the joey trigger is an excellent addition. It's also a fun project.
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    I have paint needles and fine line squeeze bottles from hobby lobby. Going to do mine as soon as I get some work done on the house and get a minute.
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    That looks great!!! I really like the grips
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    A paper towel folded with sharp edges and moistened with paint thinner wiped gently over your work area does wonders for cleaning up the oopsies. At least that's how the pros do it when they color fill something.
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    I use nail polish & nail polish remover.

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  13. The paint was pretty easy, I used a regular sewing needle to drip the paint and spread it over the letters an numbers. Used some $.50 matte acrylic paint from Walmart. No thinner used any time during the process. First time I f**ked it up, after it was dried I used Rem oil to clean off the extra. The slide surface is not smooth so I had to wipe hard which only pulled the paint out of the letters. The second time I used Hobbs gun cleaner from a 8 ounce spray bottle with a white sock turned inside out. Came out much better that way. The grips I bought from Hi-Point.