Did you have to cut the mag release spring with your ATI?

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Did you have to cut the mag release spring?

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  1. 47_MasoN_47

    47_MasoN_47 You know who I am Member

    I had to cut my mag release spring down dang near 1/3 of it's original size to get a nice fit in my ATI stock. When I first put it in there it wouldn't even push down far enough to get the screw in. After I got a short screw (I was using a long with washers before because my ATI didn't come with the right screw) I cut it down some more because I'd have to jiggle and pull on the mags to get them to come out. After cutting it down all but 1 (the one it came with oddly enough) will fall out freely now that it's been cut.

    Anybody else have anything similar happen?

    This poll is pretty much just for statistical purposes. Hopefully this will help people who consider buying an ATI to weigh what modifications they may have to make into their final decision.

  2. Yes I agree you most likely mixed up one of these three screws. If not then I am guessing some gunk in the magazine release pin assembly hole. Maybe a piece of plastic not trimmed out or such.

    The magazine release screw.
    The action to stock clip retainer screw.
    The receiver buffer cover screw.
  3. 47_MasoN_47

    47_MasoN_47 You know who I am Member

    No, I didn't mix up any screws, all the screws that it came with were the same length, and it only came with 1 screw with a tapered head. All the others were approx 1" in length and had rounded heads.

    BTW, there were no burrs or anything else in that hole, I dug around in there with an exacto knife and a small screwdriver as well as looking in it with a flashlight. It doesn't surprise me that I'm the only one that's had this problem though, my stock was missing a screw and instruction book, my laser was missing a screw and the instruction book, and one of the knobs on my red dot sight is reversed. Of course, originally the red dot didn't adjust at all, but after a few months of being thrown around on my paintball gun it started adjusting finally.
  4. I had to cut mine about a 16th of an inch... It wasn't bad.
  5. 47_MasoN_47

    47_MasoN_47 You know who I am Member

    Finally, somebody else! I wish I had measured exactly how much I cut, but like I said above it was somewhere around 1/3 of it. It works great now though.