Didn't get a turkey, but I did get the next best thing....

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  1. I went from this:


    Couldn't help but throw this one in as well...


    To THIS:





    2002 Chevy Silverado 4x4, Extended cab with 2 hidden doors, leather interior and loaded EVERYTHING! Only has 64,000 miles on it!

    So, not a bad trade off eh? Payments aren't gonna kill me, but the interest rate is a bit high. I reckon I can deal with it, seein's as I am driving "New Hotness"
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    Just look at it this way....way more room for more guns!

  3. DUDE! That's not an upgrade, that's a leap 3 generations ahead lol. Sweet.
  4. Considering the pictures don't actually do justice to just how rough your old ride was, you did much more than just OK.

    Congratulations on the new wheels--hope it serves you well!

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    Very nice truck. Glad to see you bagged some turkey too!!
  6. And glad to see you took my advice on a Silverado (I'm assuming you even bothered to read that post haha).
  7. It wasn't really a factor actually 4095, as I had already picked the Silverado before I even read your post.

    My old ride was CRAP, as NDS can attest to as he's seen it, up close and personal in all it's junk pile glory. I am glad that I finally have a ride I can be proud to drive.

    My wife also went out today and bought a 2008 Chevy Cobalt, and she got a hellofa sweet deal. It's gonna be a good car for her, 70,000 mile warranty and all, by that time it'll be time to trade in anyway.

    Oh, and those turkey are the ones I bagged 2 years ago. Got 'em both in one shot. I posted that for good luck, as I am going out tomorrow to see if I can finally get one. I've been hunting for 12 days now and haven't gotten close to a gobbler yet.
  8. Um, can you say gas guzzler? Not that I'm not happy for you or anything like that, I'm just thinking of the fuel bill on that baby. I drive a Mini Cooper with a 14 gal tank and, lead footing it, I get about 27 mpg. Here in Nashville, TN, gas is up to $3.45 a gal and it sucked 49 bucks out of my pocket to fill her up.
  9. From what I heard, turkey hunting is 90% an excuse for a nice walk in the woods (or lying prone in the woods, or crouching in a stand in the woods), and 10% actually thinking you'll bag a bird :)
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    I have ridden in Primal's old truck, even got video of us "cruising" the strip, in all its epcot center glory. Hope you enjoy the ride!
  11. Actually broomhead, I drove 100 miles tonight and only used 4 gallons of gas. I filled it up before I left to go hunt and when I got back I filled it up again. Scouts honor. My old Toyota was only getting 22 on the highway, and alot of my driving today was done in the city, so 25mpg in town/highway isn't too bad.

    4095, actually you're wrong on that. You don't hunt turkey from a stand. You have to actually go and find them, once you locate them, you have to call them in to where you are so you can shoot them. In the first 5 days of this season, I lost 10 pounds and since then I have already lost another 8 more. Out here in New Mexico in these mountains, it's alot of work sprinting up a mountain side that's a 30% slope and 200 yards to get to a bird you just roosted. I've been doing that on a regular basis for the last week and a half.
  12. I lost 5-10 myself... amazing what not having a car and having a 3.5 mile bike to work each way does for ya, especially when after the warm up work is spent doing manual labor lol.

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    And admit it ya took your darn Cowbell with you also DIDN'T YOU? :wink: :lol:
  14. Primal, that's a cool truck. Congrats!
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    Cool! I love my '02 Tahoe. But it's no Honda Civic, when it comes to gas... That's why we got the wife a Honda Civic. ;)
  16. Great upgrade primal! If you don't mind me askin what did you pay for that bad boy?
  17. Well, the truck I really wanted was sold out from underneath me. It was an '03 Tundra with a bed topper on it. That thing was SWEET!!!

    Anywho, they had the Z71 listed for $20,900 and the Tundra listed for $15,500. The Tundra was newer but had more miles on it. Anywho, since they sold it out from under me, they obviously tried to sell me on the more expensive truck. The salesman tells me, "if I can get the price on that Silverado down, and match the payment you'd have had on the Toyota, would you buy it?"

    I told them that they would have to give me the Silverado for 50 dollars LESS a month before I'd consider it. If they could do that, it was a done deal. The salesman was kinda stand offish at that, he said "I can drop that price $4000.00 to get it in your price range, and now you want me to take off $2000.00 MORE?!"

    I just smiled when he handed me the keys.

    Basically, I put $1000.00 down and financed $16,500 after it was all said and done with warranty etc.
  18. Thats the way to do it haha once they realize your walk out and go some where else they change their tune and usually give you want you want at a fair price.
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    Nice Z71! :p
    Just crank those Torsion bars to level her out some. Check out Fullsizechevy.com Ive been a member over there for like 10yrs not quite as friendly as HPFF but lots of useful info.

    But a Gas Guzzler? My Z gets 22-25 and I dont have to be seen in a Mini.
  20. nice truck man! Glad for ya.

    I just did a 10+ year jump from my stang to my pickup...nice isnt it ;)