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  1. thank god I had it. I was sitting at a stop sign waiting to pull into traffic. There was a guy walking down the road twords me to my right. errrr...my 3.. :p Anyways. I'm still sitting there and he decides he wants to jump into my truck! He pull on the handle, but the door is locked. He bangs on the window once with his fists. I lean over and open my glove box, to let him see that I am armed. He raises his hands up and backs away pretty quickly. It was a bit nerve racking, but it didn't phase me too much. I didn't call the police, perhaps I should have. But I went on about my way. I was already late for class as it was.
  2. Glad nothing became of it.

    I'm no trained instructor or expert of anything in this area but let me make an assumption here. Please, if I'm wrong, someone correct me.

    I'm not sure flashing the gun was a wise decision. Here is why I say that. I've always been of the mental state of mind that you should never brandish a weapon towards another unless you are code red with intent to use. I feel that by flashing the glove box door open to show you had a gun could have backfired. Had the BG been armed and on some kind of drug what would have stopped him from drawing and firing? Had that happened and you were only showing the gun, you likely wouldn't have had time to grab and protect yourself. If the perp was already in retreat mode after he hit your glass, the best thing to do would be drive away and call the police with a description of the guy and the location.

    Again, please take this with a grain of salt. I am NOT a self defense or weapons instructor. I base what I've said from how I was taught growing up and things I've read on my own. I'm just glad to read your story ended as it did and not with any kind of gunfire.

  3. Sounds like you handled that pretty well. You kept your cool and used just enough force ( if thats what you would call it ) to diffuse the situation. On another note thank goodness your doors were locked. I always make a habit of locking mine for just this reason. I have heard of to many stories of the exact same thing happening when people ar stopped at a light etc...
  4. Yeah, I already thought about it, thinking maybe it wasn't the best choice. Being with the if he had a gun would I hava had time to grab mine forfore he got to his. But it's over and done with. His hands were visable the whole time, cause he never took his hands off the window untill he backed way with his hands up.. So I dunno. It might not have been the BEST choice, but it all ended well.
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    well it sounded like it ended pretty good.. i would have called the cops though.

    this one particular part of town my moms had them try that on her before.. they'll come right up to your car a red light and try to sell you drugs.

    i would'nt call it brandishing.. you was giving warning.. the situation was'nt dire enough to warrant force yet, often times the mere presents of a gun can be enough to stop or warn off an attack, sort of like a rattle snake shakes it's rattle to warn others.. hey matter fact if you had a hi-point you could do just that it comes with it's own built in rattle.
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    I say you handled the situation calmly and effectively used what you had with the right application. Sometimes it's just a matter of communicating your intent without "brandishing" to let others know that you're not a pushover.

    In Phoenix, that kinda stuff is VERY common. There's a ton of carjackings where the perp just jumps into the car, physically pulls or pushes out the driver and they got a brand new car! I've even had a few try to steal a motorbike out right from under me. Of course, criminals are stupid and don't realize most bikes are about 3x faster than cars and most bikers are ALOT more observant (Did alot of impromptu sidewalk driving in South Phoenix along Van Buren between 7th street and 48th street).

    Don't have auto-locks in the tracker, but always drive with the doors locked at all times. Not really paranoid of that kinda stuff, but it's really just a hangover from my days driving a cab for years. Part for security and part because when you're a cab driver, sometimes you just don't want to take a fare no matter who it is because, well...you need a frickin' break! Even had one drunk guy jump into my car when I was eating lunch in front of a taco stand and get all pissed off when I pointed out my "off duty" light. he said "F*** you man! You're SUPPOSED to drive me where I want!".

    I just threw a hot sauce packet againts the cop car parked next to me to get him out. Now he had an irritated cab driver AND an irritated pair of cops jumping on his case because he interrupted both our lunches.
  7. Um.... You might want to check the laws in your state regarding keeping a gun in the glovebox. I know that in my state, that's a strict no-no.
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    True. In Phoenix, a firearm MAY have a magazine in it and in the glovebox, but it MUST be locked without an accessible key being placed within the lock during the motor's operation.
  9. I know here a gun anywhere in the car is covered by my CCW permit. It doesn't matter where it is, loaded or unloaded. Without a CCW, it can't be in the car at all unless I'm taking a NIB gun to/from gun shop and its unloaded and not within reach of the driver.

    As far as your situation, thank goodness no one was hurt, but I would've called the police too, just to give them a description in case he had other victims.

    There's no right or wrong answer really. You could tecnically be accused of brandishing a weapon, but I doubt it'd fly when the guy was trying to forcibly enter your vehicle.

  10. +1
  11. Ah, well, if I knew it was Texas....

    Yes. Yay for Texas.
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    What do you have to do to get your gun to a firing range to practice if you don't have a CCW? Oh ya, unloaded and out of reach. Dumb question. Here in CA, to be sure, it's best to have it in your trunk and unloaded. I ride my bike there most often and don't know what the rule is except that they can pretty much take any gun they want to take and make you fight them in court to get it back.

    As to the incident, that gun would have been in my hand as fast as I could get it there not knowing whether Mr BG is armed or not. Glad it turned out well for you.
  13. Way to handle yourself Dave, good job.
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    Up until a few years ago any firearm in your vehicle had to be in open sight, but as of Sept. 1 2007 a handgun now has to be concealed.
    Ya gotta love Texas!!!
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    He felt threatened, and was prepared to defend himself. That goes for "brandishing" with the constraints of all involved.
    You did good. The bad situation was thwarted, and you got to go home intact. Thats what it is all about.
  16. Definitely call the cops if just to report the incident. He could have easily called them first and said that you waved a gun at him while he was picking daisies for a centerpiece at the orphanage...
    Still, you did the right thing. He's lucky he didn't get popped...
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    Ive been in a similar situation where a semi-drunk pnahandler was leaning with his arms reaching in the open window of my car and would not leave. When Gentle persuasion failed i dialed 911 on my cell with my off hand and left it lay and pulled my raven .25 out of my coat pocket with the other. He took off like a jackrabbit and i waited for the police after speaking to the 911 dispatcher. The police told me i did OK, there would be no charges, and they arrested the panhandler a couple days later. They told me later he was charged with hitchhiking (the intial reason i stopped and illegal in SD), disorderly conduct and felony illegal concealed weapon charges (he had a knoife under his jacket when they arrested him).

  18. Yeah, legislators in different states have wildly different ideas about what is appropriate. Here in GA, the only places a non-CCW holder can have a pistol within reach are in the glovebox or sitting openly on the seat.
  19. Here in PA, with a permit I can have it in the glove box or in the open, most of the time it is in the glovebox.