Difference between 2nd and 3rd gen Glock?

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  1. Looking thru Shoot Gun news I saw 2nd and 3rd gen. Glocks for sale. Does anyone know what the difference is and does it make a difference to LEO offices which is which? My LEO son is looking for a good deal on Glock 22 for his own weapon @ work and this could be the deal.
    Glock 22 very good condition w/ fixed night sights 2nd gen. $389.95
    Glock 22 (same as above) 3rd gen $449.95
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    As stolen from WikiPedia...

    Gen 1: Wraparound texturing on the sides, back and front strap of the pistol grip. Plain dustcover.
    Gen 2: Checkered front strap and serrated back of the pistol grip. Plain dustcover.
    Gen 3: Added finger grooves to the front strap. Thumb reliefs on the sides of the pistol grip, Universal rail added to the dustcover on larger frame models.

    I like the finger grooves on my 21, but if they don't matter to him, he'd be paying the extra for an integrated rail.

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    I highly recommend him trying a Gen 3 before buying. I have several friends who do not like them because the grooves do not fit their hands. If he has big or small hands it might be an issue.