Difference between a regular cop and a transit cop

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  1. I apologize because I have asked this question before in a thread, and I read every thread that shows having new posts every day, but for some reason I loose some of them. There are new posts but they do not show as having new posts so I miss them.

    One of them was where I asked what the difference was between a transit cop and a regular cop in a thread

    It seems that is a northern thing, I do not know of any transit cops in Oklahoma, and am honestly curious between the difference

    Any explanations would be appreciated

  2. screwylewie

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    Both are just as crooked, but a real cop smells of donuts, whereas a transit cop reeks of twinkies


    SHOOTER Z Well-Known Member

    A Transit Cop is the ones you see like in New york who work the Tains stations and Subways Mostly tansportation area reg police get the rest of the city
  4. Thanks shooter, that is what I kind of figured by the names but I didnt want to be dumb and be wrong.

    good one screwylewie, never heard that one before, you think I would have with the number of cops in this forum LOL

    SHOOTER Z Well-Known Member

    Be careful of the Twinkie jokes here Glockman loves twinkies and he aint no transit cop :wink: :lol:

    There is a reason cops like donut shops. most Donut shops are open in the early morning hours and the cops like to go in for coffee
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    Like Shooter said a transit cop handles subways, & buses.
    A port authority cop handles Manages shipping terminals, bridges, tunnels, airports,.
    The MTA manages New York City Transit, Long Island Rail Road, Long Island Bus, and Metro North Railroad as well as metropolitan bridges and tunnels.
  7. I manage to stay away from the big cities, half of what I know about them I see on television

    Thanks for the education guys!