Differences Between 995 and 995TS

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by brothergene, Feb 16, 2013.

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    I purchased a 995 today, and I want to upgrade the stock to the TS stock when they are available again. I also know the 995 does not have the Last Round Bolt Hold Open...
    are there any other differences between the 995 and the 995TS?

  2. Gongrats on your find, highly recommend ordering a few extra mags from mom since she has them in stock. I got got mine the other day, took around 7 days for me, but have been reading that others are having to wait several weeks.
    Don't recommend eBay, people are getting raped over the prices. I'm sure those people would be pissed to know they paid twice the price while mom had them in stock at original price.

  3. I bought a converted 995TS from the old monkey gun and from what i can tell (mind you im far from an expert and many of the veterans here could weigh in with more detail) apart from LRHO, the only other difference i can seem to spot is the bolts used to secure the receiver shroud. On the old versions its just a traditional style bolt whereas the new TS's have the spring bolts with the locking plates to secure the receiver shroud.

    I also heard the magazines are now created slightly different to engage the LRHO but you can use the classic mags or the new ones all the same.

    The only real functional difference you already seem to know about.
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    The front sight upper post part is longer on the TS, and the first generation of TS guns had the same bolts as the classic, only after about a year were the newer spring loaded bolts and clips used.

    The roller on the bolt handle is also different.
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    Thanks for all of the information from everyone.
  6. You can't rape the willing.
  7. I'm going to be selling my mag buttons on Ebay in the next two weeks or so. I'll have to adjust price to compensate for ebays cut of the sale...am I gouging no. I just have to keep in mind someone is taking a portion of my profits that I don't have to payout on our two forums.
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    When you order the TS, be sure to give Hi Point the SN on your 995. They will send you the correct TS.
  9. I know that a lot of people like to hang stuff on their carbines and I do have a 995TS, but I have had my 995 for 9 years now and have no plans to do anything with it. It is ugly, but handles nice and still keeps working so I am leaving it as is. Quite frankly the longer I have owned it the more I like it as is.