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    Hey guys im going to get my first Hi-Point Gun. I decided that im gonna go ahead and purchase the .45. I was thinking about the C9, but I think im gonna get the .45 first. And I will be purchasing a C9 for my girlfriend. Found a shop in kernersville that has them for $99. Back to my question, are there any mags that can be bought for the .45 that dont have the thick rubber padding on the bottom. I really do not like those although they serve a purpose. I cant remember the site but I have seen some mags for the .45 that were flat-bottomed, but they were only for 7 rounds. Either way if anyone has any ideas or suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. The flat bottomed mags that you speak of are from the jhp's forerunner the Jh. It had an alloy frame unlike current hi points. THE MAGS ARE NOT INTERCHANGEABLE. The mag release on the jh was on the botom of the mag well. Otherwise welcome to the fold. God job on the JHP. Don't wuss out with the 9mm. Go for the full power, noise, and recoil of the .45. I will be getting the 9m for the wife, That is an awesome price for the c9.

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    Thanks Super_Virgil. I kinda figured that, oh well guess I'll jus have to get over that rubber pad on the bottom...LOL. Yeah I have always been a fan of the .45 and Im very excited to get one. The C9 is smaller and lighter and of course will fit perfectly into the smaller hands of my girlfriend.
  4. As anyone on this board will tell you, I have a man crush on the .45. It is an American cartridge that follow the old addage that biger is better.
  5. hey super virgil I like the 45 too. I have a hi point jhp but I also like the 45 long colt in SAA, got one of those too.
    now seven dreamz, are you handy with tools???
    if so a little work and the 1911 mags can be made to work in the JHP. I know because I have one that I modified and it works just fine. just my two cents worth
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    big Jim T, I am pretty handy w/ tools. I would be interested to know how you made the 1911 mags work in the JHP. Do they both hold the same number of rounds. I jus think the JHP .45 has a much cleaner look w/ a flat bottom mag.